Crowds of people filled the silent theater as people dressed in full-body white suits rushed around the stage, cleaning everything up from the last show that was held. The chattering escaping their mouths winded down when a person stepped on the stage with a mic. Tapping to see if it worked, he stared at all of them with a smile. A smile that captured the crowd's attention within a second.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Yull Di." Scanning the thousands of eyes staring at him, his eyes sparkled with excitement. "I see we have a full house tonight. I thank each and every single one of you for coming here. Now I know all of you are excited to see the last solo dancing performance by Yuv Deid. So with no further ado, let us get started." With a snap of his fingers, the whitely dressed people began pushing the curtain close.

But as it closed, one of them slipped. It was so sudden, the crowd gasped in surprise as a small pool of blood drenched the face of the person. Watching in anticipation, the crowd held their breaths to see what would happen to the poor soul. But nothing happened. With the curtains fully closed, his friends scrambled over to where he was and dragged him across the floor, leaving a trail of blood to stain the clean wooden floor.

They scrambled back out to open the curtains when another snap of a finger echoed from the ceiling of the theater. The crowd looked up, hoping to see the host, but when they couldn't find him, they placed the sound on the speakers.

As the curtains opened up, a figure dressed in the same way as his friends stood still in the middle of the stage. His white cloth was no different from the ones that had stepped on the stage to close and open the curtains. It was difficult to tell if he was Yuv Deid or not. The only difference was the reflective capability his full-body suit held. It shone like a star, or rather it stuck out like a sore thumb. And another way the crowd could tell it was Yuv was the captivating way he danced as all the reviews had stated in past shows.

His style of dancing was like no other. It contained moves no other people thought of. At least, that was what the ads said. But the way he danced today was gracefully broken. It might have been because of his last show or he was fatigued from traveling around the world to show the world his skills one last time, but the dance barely matched the beat and rhythm of the song pouring out of the speakers. His erratic performance led to the crowd being more attentive to other things, like their phone or just wandering around in their thoughts.

As the show moved on, Yuv tried his best to display his skills, but it was like watching a fish flopping on the shore, taking its last few breaths before it died. He was lacking in everything. His gracefulness, his timing, his endurance, and his dexterity. It was pitiful.

The intermission was a sigh of relief. Yet, when it was over, only half the people remained as the performance continued. And it only went downhill from there. One of the spotlights pointing at him flickered on and off in a violent pattern, and another fell down with a tremendous crash. It exploded into bits of itself and scattered across the stage. A few more consumers left the theater, disappointed by the lackluster performance.

And the rough course of hell only started for Yuv. While he danced, blood coated the face of his full-body suit, as his nose sported a stream of blood that was highly visible to the remaining watchers. Due to his fatigue and his blood blocking his vision, Yuv ended up stumbling on the stage, rolling his ankle at a sickening angle. His limp while attempting to finish the performance didn't bode well with the audience as they stared in horror at his presentation, while others covered their eyes with their hands.

Yuv stopped to catch his breath and placed his hands on his knees while positioned in a bent-over state as the music played a joyous tone. This led the crowd to worry about his health, but when he started dancing again, he slipped on his own sweat coating the stage, leading him to fall back on his head and snap his wrist with his body weight. Yuv laid there for several seconds as blood flowed out from the crack in his head before he slowly stood back up to continue the dance.

At this time, the crowd yelled at the song to stop and to help Yuv, but the only thing that answered them was a quick death. A weak beam from the ceiling slipped down and crashed down onto the stage, crushing Yuv flat. His limbs sticking out from the metal beam while blood flooded out from his body, made the crowd lose whatever was left in their stomachs. It was horrifying to see mangled Yuv still trying to dance, but him dying due to an accident at his last show was tragic.

The white-dressed people swarmed over the stage to lift the heavy beam off Yuv, but one of them on the end of the beam couldn't lift it up properly. It buried his hands underneath the beam with a terrifying crunch. The audience watched in agony as they dragged Yuv's body across the floor, along with the other one who got hurt. The trail of blood glistened off the wooden floor in a queasy way.

When they disappeared behind the curtain, Yull Di stepped out from the other side of the stage with a mic in his hand. "Sorry for that mishap, ladies and gentlemen. It seems we have run to the end of the show."

With a silent pause as he put his mic down to his side, he looked around the crowd. They were all staring at him in silence and awe. With a sly smile, he raised the mic back to his hand. "Now, who would like to replace him?"

Everybody in the room raised their hands.