Of Magic and Fantasy

Sometimes I'd much rather be in a fantastical world

Where griffons fly and dragons roar

And unicorns gallop and pegasi soar.

I want to be where magic exists,

Where witches and sorcerers brew potions and make spells

That can create anything and cure all our ills.

I know it's not real, and we can't wait around

For fictional fantasies to solve problems we've found.

But is it really so wrong to wish

That these things could exist,

And to prefer them over our dull, mundane world

Where the same things play out day after day?

I just wish they could be real, that fairies and dwarves

Could come out and play

Instead of normal, dull humans

Who all feel the same.

So while I'll keep my expectations realistic,

I find myself thinking I'd much prefer these fantastic creatures

If I ever had the chance to meet them

And learn about all their unique features.