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Location: Okayama

Caitlyn woke up with a gasp. After a moment to recognize where she was, she sat up.

It had been the usual nightmare. The moment that changed her life. Everything was as vivid as before in her memories and dreams: The nuclear blast, the exploding manor. Their screams. And her own agony, both from the blast and the realization of her loss.

She managed to not wake up Violet, who was still blissfully sleeping, her back turned to Caitlyn. She was cute to watch sleep. Not a lot of movement, and just the lightest snore. While Violet had her own demons, they didn't manifest in her sleep as frequently and she rarely dreamed, actually.

It was tempting to snuggle up to her, but this time she felt like getting some air first. She quietly got up and put on a shirt and shorts.


The park wasn't far from their place, and being the middle of the night, there was no one around. For what she wore, it was somewhat cold, but it helped to refresh her mind. The park was beautiful, like all of those in Okayama - wide, with carefully arranged streams and a few traditional buildings.

There was only one problem: She sensed a presence - ever since she'd woken up she'd felt it. In fact, that was the real reason she went for air. To deal with this without waking up Violet. If there were more intruders, the high-tech motion alarm she left would wake up Violet. She pretended to be unaware, but it could not hide from her built-in sensors, manifesting as a painless spike in her head, indicating the presence of active electronics.

Judging from the movement, maybe an actual scout, not a drone.

Once she felt like there would be no one watching, she slowly turned to it and activated her Angel sight. Lines of blue appeared in her eyes and she saw it.

A man atop one of the buildings, squatting on the corner, like a ninja. She saw him as an outline of electric fields, probably a cloaking field. He was about fifty meters away.

He was quick to notice her looking straight at him and turned away, making his escape.

Oh no you don't.

She was already charging her Flash-Step. After the briefest flash of blue, she vanished and reappeared on the rooftop, in a literal instant. There was no escape.

He dropped a smoke bomb. She merely sighed. What not many knew was that Angel sensors are better than any conventional technology. There was no way to hide from her gaze - even with charged particulate smoke. She reached her hand to the right, then pulled, like she had grasped some strings. She waved her other hand and electric arcs spread in a cone. The EMP shut off the cloaking module and the man was finally visible to the naked eye: He was suspended in mid-air, as if gravity itself had enveloped him in ropes. He groaned and struggled but couldn't move, his vantablack suit resembling a modern version of a ninja outfit.

His identity was concealed, but she had seen the faint symbol on him before. A lot of people had it, actually, but for one of the Yakuza cyborg shinobi to wear their allegiance openly was odd.

Nevertheless, she was very displeased, and hoped she looked intimidating with her eyes lit up. "I know that symbol, shinobi. Were you told to make contact?"

The man groaned again. "If possible. Or just gather information. I never planned on attacking. How did you-"

"I ask the questions. What does your oyabun want? Do you have any idea of who you are spying on?"

"Yes. We all know about you, Lux-sama. They wanted to know what you're doing here. You haven't been to Japan since you helped them hunt the Muma. Interesting things always happen when you go to places alone. Your friend is also a very dangerous woman." He looked around. "You can put me down."

Caitlyn frowned at the two titles, her own, and what the Yakuza called Revy when she was outed as a supernatural entity. Caitlyn at the time had worked with an anti-Cambion task force and helped hunt her down. "I don't think so. And I'm not here in any official capacity, nor any personal missions."

She pulled the man closer. "Tell your oyabun this: Me and Violet are here on a vacation. Nothing else. We have nothing to hide." Not exactly true, their relationship wasn't public, but that wasn't interesting information to them. "Tracking us on street cameras and the like is one thing, but if you actually disturb us again, there will be... Problems. I know who you are connected to and I don't care. The Yakuza will leave us alone."

She pulled him even closer, and their faces separated by mere inches. "You have no idea how lucky you are. If it had been Violet who had woken up and noticed you..." She flashed a wide-eyed grin. "Kanojo wa anata no saibā o hikinuite itadeshou. Anata ga ikite iru uchi ni." (She would've pulled out your cyber. With you still alive.) This time he couldn't suppress his fear.

She set him down. "Go. While she is probably still sleeping." He regained his composure and did a small bow. "A-arigatōgozaimasu." He wasted no time leaving.


She'd used every second of the walk back to calm herself down, readjusting her mindset. While she understood why it happened, she hated interrupting her down time like this. This was a very special event, and no one would ruin it.

And especially not interrupt my precious Violet's vacation. She would not relax for the rest of the trip if she knew.

She entered the room and the bed as quietly as she had left. True to her original idea, this time she snuggled to Violet, who was in the same position. She gave a light groan. "Did... Did you wake up earlier or did I dream about it?"

"Just a smoke. I'm fine. Have I told you how snuggable you are?" She hugged the larger woman tight, like a giant teddy bear.

"Hmm." Violet went right back to sleep.

Nope. Nothing bad happened. Everything is fine. I did not just avert a crisis and save the Yakuza. We are on a very fun vacation where nothing goes wrong.

Caitlyn returned to sleep. This time, there was no nightmare.

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