It is said by Peter Marshall, "May we think of freedom, not as the right to do as we please, but as the opportunity to do what is right." Americans have the opportunity to do the right thing by teaching ourselves what it is to have courage, to work hard, to put others first. What kind of people are we, having the ability to help others, and choosing not to. By employing every single capable U.S. citizen in our military, we not only teach ourselves to do the right thing, but we protect others and set an example of greatness. Military service should be required for every able-bodied and able-minded citizen of The United States of America.

Our forefathers fought for our rights, and we (people who have been raised with those rights) should have to help others obtain their rights so that we can understand what it is to lose everything but also gain everything. According to USA Today, "During the Vietnam War young American men faced the possibility of being involuntarily drafted into military service, but there were many ways to avoid it with certain connections. 'If you've got the dough,' it was said, 'you don't have to go.'" This helps the reader to understand that many people, drafted or not, think they are too good, or just "don't want to" serve. This is ridiculous. Serving should have nothing to do with the amount of money you have, your gender, your race. It should have to do with serving your country.

Everybody should understand (to a certain degree) what it is to work hard, have resilience, and have commitment. It is stated in an article by Jennifer Coogan, "Today only one in four young Americans has what it takes to qualify for the military." It is obvious how much time kids spend on their devices, or having things handed to them. Many kids in modern America don't know what it is to work hard or have resilience. Entering the military would teach our youth about what it means to work hard, to have endurance. To do something that doesn't serve yourself.

It may seem that in our country, people's opinions about race, gender, sexuality, and religion will not change. That there is nothing we can do to help our country become one of love and peace. However, recruiting every capable American citizen would force us to unite. Would teach us that these attributes are not deciding on our capabilities or validity as people. In an article called, Women in Selective Services, they say that 1 in 6 military members are female. That means that about 378,000 women are in the military. Women are already incorporated in our great nation's military. As are people of color, people of any sexuality, and transgender people. We already have inclusion. If we were to reinstate the draft, women wouldn't get drafted. So the question that faces us is whether it really matters. Women or men? 20 or 40? Black or white? What matters is that our country learns to stand together, and realize that it doesn't matter what the color of the skin is, or what gender you are. What matters is that you're a human being. If we had everybody serve, it would force us to learn that people are equally worthy. Their worth is not dependent on these things, but rather, the nature of their kindness, their ability to love.

Military service should be required for every able-bodied and able-minded citizen of The United States of America because we should have to understand what it is to lose everything, what it is to work hard, and everybody, no matter race, sex, or anything else, should have to serve. It is a thing to be proud of, being an American. However, at times, I worry that the United States is not living up to its full potential. Our country is capable of so much. We are strong, independent, and with a little digging, full of such incredible people. By employing every citizen in our military, we can achieve that full amount of greatness, that right now, we seem to be forgetting.