A girl looks in the mirror and sees everything society says is wrong with her body. They don't feel skinny enough, or curvy enough, or they hate how big their boobs are. Yes, I just said the word boobs out loud. Because it's not weird. They're big and beautiful. But commonly, when portrayed, it's sexual. There's a quote I like. "Why do they hate me for the fat on my stomach, but want the fat on my chest." Our bodies are normal. They come in all sizes. No one size fits all. Everyone is different. And beautiful.

A girl looks in the mirror and sees the way her thighs jiggle. Yep, I said that too. Most of us girls? We have these weird, shaky things on legs. They fit in bootcut jeans, but those are "boys jeans." We cant wear those in public.

A girl looks in the mirror and sees how big her butt is. Or how small. Does it really matter? These too, are portrayed as "sexual" pieces of our body. People forget this is the place we dispose of the food we swallowed earlier. You make it big, and bold when it's sexual, but then it's weird when we use the bathroom?

Excuse me? What the hell do you think you're doing. This is my body, not your toy to play with. Not a thing to make fun of. I am fricking awesome. I'm beautiful. I'd like you to try being a girl. Because it's the hardest thing in the world. We're the weak ones? I'd like to remind you, the female can carry a human fucking body for 9 god damn months. Then, guess what? We shove it out the hole smaller than a fucking oreo cookie. That you, might I remind you, shoved your god damned penis up only 9 months ago.

Don't treat me like a delicate barbie doll. I am a strong, powerful, talented, badass, who isn't gonna clean up the house, stay home, and cook for you. I am a person. Not a fucking alien, you asshole. I'm a person who is going to tell you to go fuck off when you get to close, and don't you think for a second I won't beat the shit out of you if you push it. I am a fucking badass who is going to say no to you, a girl with actual feelings and emotions, Mind-blowing, right? That I might actually have feelings? That I'm not just a toy for you to slap around and -play with, and then throw into the donate box when you get bored. You can go fuck yourself if you think that's what's gonna happen. Most of these fucking dumb Disney princesses. Cinderella? She snuck out for a fucking party. Snow White? Cleaned and Cooked for a bunch of guys, and then got rescued by a fucking kiss. That's sexual assault, genius. Not true love. I'm not looking for a fucking prince. I can slay this dragon, myself thank you. I'm a strong, independent woman who will kick the literal shit out of you if she wants to. Fight me, bitch! My prince, considering he exists, is off riding a turtle somewhere really confused.