Haru sat alone in his apartment, the same ritual he had performed every day since graduation. The room was dark, illuminated only by the flat-screen TV at the center of the wall, which he sat only a few inches away from. His tan hair, brown eyes, and tired, scowling face glowed in the light.

A thick layer of dust covered the shelves filled with manga and figurines, and the garbage was starting to pile up by the front door, but he didn't care. It wasn't worth his time. Nothing life had to offer was worth anything at this point. All he wanted to do was sit around in his grungy jeans and t-shirt, and watch his fantasy anime, and not think about anything else.

On the screen, a man and two women stood, dressed in fantasy garb. One of the women approaches the man, her face red with embarrassment.

"Hero-sama, I…I have a confession to make…." She said to the man. "You see…I think…I love you!"

The man was taken aback by the statement, too startled to say anything.

"What?" The other woman said, grabbing his arm. "You can't have him! I wanted him!"

Once again the man said nothing, he looked around flustered while the first woman grabbed onto his other arm and began a tug-of-war with the second woman. Haru watched as his expression grew more and more annoyed.

"Tch, Idiot! If you'd just say it you could have them both!" He grumbled.

He threw his head back in disgust, uttering a long groan.

"Why do all of these heroes have to suck? They're all just losers who refuse to have their harem and be happy!"

He turned the TV off, too upset to continue watching. He got up and walked himself over to his bed, throwing himself into it with a thud. Laying there he began to think to himself.

"These idiots in the industry don't understand how to write real people. If I were in a fantasy world surrounded by girls everywhere, I'd have the time of my life! No way I'd ever give that up!"

He slowly began drifting to sleep, unsatisfied with where his mind was at.

"I need to leave this world behind. Find a new one, become the main character I'm meant to be, and get myself my own harem! Then I'd do it right!"

As his eyes finally shut, his mind fell on one last thought.

"At least…maybe then I wouldn't feel so damn alone…."

Darkness overtook Haru, as his mind went blank. He slept for some time before a voice called out to him. It was soft and high-pitched, and it instantly caused him to stir from his daze.

"Wake up…."

"Huh…what?" he thought to himself. "Is…is this? No way…. Is it finally happening?"

"Wake up…." the voice repeated.

"This is it, isn't it? I'm finally gonna…. Okay, I've got to prepare myself. You're about to start your adventure with all the sexy girls you could ever want! Alright. Here goes!"

He slowly opened his eyes just a crack, enough that he could see a girl hovering above his face. Through his blurred vision he could make out a head of long blonde hair, a pair of deep blue eyes, and a small but awfully cute face that smiled at the sight of his waking.

"You're finally awake!" She said in a soft squeaky voice. "It's nice to meet you, Big Brother!"

"This is so surreal," Haru thought to himself. "The first girl in my harem. She's got a cute tiny face, an adorable tiny body…actually a lot of her is small-wait, did she just call me 'Big Brother'? Wait a minute…."

His eyes burst open, bulging out of their sockets.


He stared at her for a few moments, unresponsive, before turning over onto his side and shutting his eyes with a single grunted "Nope".

"Eh?" the girl said. "Big Brother, what's wrong?"

She tugged at his arm a bit, trying to wake him up. When he didn't react, she began to get worried.

"Big Brother! Are you alright? Are you not feeling well? Please answer me!"

She tugged harder and harder, desperate to wake him. All the while she was doing this, Haru was screaming internally.


"BIG BROTHER! I'LL SAVE YOU!" the girl shouted as she poured a bucket of water onto him. The cold splash instantly destroyed Haru's mental fortitude, leaving him no choice but to stand up in shock.

"GAH! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" he screamed.

"W-well I was…." the girl stammered in fright. Tears began welling up in her eyes as she realized she had done something wrong. "Y-you weren't waking up and I…I thought…you might be…."

Realizing he was about to create an even bigger mess, Haru tried to reconcile with the girl as she began to sniffle and crack up.

"Er, I'm sorry for yelling…just…please…please don't cry…."

It was too late, she was already there. Haru had no choice but to look away while the girl tried wiping her eyes with no use. This continued for several minutes, all the while he was forced to feel awful about the whole thing.

Haru took a look around the room he was in. It was mostly empty with a few pieces of furniture here and there. Everything from floor to ceiling was hand-carved wood, including the furniture, but the quality was decent. This wasn't a poor person's home, yet everything was dusty and old looking, like it hadn't been lived in for a while. But one thing was for certain, it looked like it was ripped straight out of a fantasy anime. It was the real deal alright, but how did he get here?

"Umm…excuse me?" the girl asked.

Haru looked down to find the girl had finally calmed down, wiping the last of her tears away with her hand.

"Could you please tell me your name?"

"My name?" he responded. "Uh…Yoshida, Haru…."

The girl gave a confused look, leading him to continue.

"You…you can just call me Haru if you want."

"Okay!" the girl excitedly responded. "My name's Reina! It's nice to meet you Big Brother!"

"Yeah…nice to meet you too. Uh, quick question. How did I get here?"

"Huh? What do you mean, I brought you here."


Haru looked the girl up and down trying to make sense of her statement. She looked fairly normal, although she was set rather nicely in a handmade dress. He then noticed something about Reina that he hadn't before: a pair of horns protruding from the sides of her head.

"I…see…." he quietly said. "But why?"

"I just wanted someone to be here with me."

"So you just made me appear here?"

"Yeah! I can do lots of things if I think about it hard enough! Watch!"

She shut her eyes tightly and held her hands out in front of her. As she focused her mind, an orb of energy formed in between her palms. The energy swirled around faster and faster, glowing bright enough to light up the room.

"Woah!" Haru said in awe.

Suddenly the orb began to spiral out of control, and in the next second it burst into a shockwave that shook the whole room and knocked Haru back.

"AHH!" he yelped.

Haru managed to slowly pick himself back up. As he did, he could see the room was now trashed.

"What was that?!"

"I dunno. Neat though, right?" she replied.

"Well this is just great." Haru thought to himself "Lost in another world with some superpowered demon loli who thinks I'm her big brother. Not how I wanted my harem adventure to begin."

A thought suddenly crossed his mind, causing him to freeze up.

"Hang on! Maybe she's not a kid after all! Maybe she's actually like five-hundred years old or something!" he thought to himself. "I shouldn't be so quick to judge after all! It'd be rude to mistreat a lady as a child."

He smiled at the girl who softly smiled back.

"Hey…Reina, was it?"


"How old are you exactly?"

"How old am I?" she asked, surprised by the question. "Umm…."

The question had her unable to find a quick answer. She thought about it for a bit while Haru breathed a sigh of relief.

"Oh thank god! If she has to take the time to recall all the years she's been alive, then surely she must be-"

"I'm six!" She proudly declared, holding up her fingers.

Which was three times the amount of seconds it took Haru to sprint out of the room.

"Big Brother wait!" she called out after him.

Haru crashed through the front door of the two-story Tudor and found himself face-to-face with the rolling green hills of the new world. A gust of wind flew over him sending waves across the grass, and shaking the large tree in front of the house. The bright sunlight pierced his eyes, forcing him to shield his face. As his eyesight adjusted he could see what looked like a town in the distance. He turned back to the house briefly, reconsidering.

"Ah hell, am I really about to leave a helpless girl alone in that house?" He thought to himself. "Am I really that bad?"

He thought for a moment longer, before coming to a conclusion. He sighed, realizing his guilty conscience wasn't going to let up.

"Guh…. Alright, fine! I'll go into town, find myself a harem, and then send someone back to take care of her. That way I don't feel so bad about this!"

With that, he turned back towards the town and ran off towards it.