Tears fill my eyes

as I watch life pass me by

Everyone glowing with happiness

yet still I do not know why

I am the one watching life change for every other

Don't I want to be loved?

Don't I want to be a mother?

When you turn eighteen

they say live life on your own terms,

everything is unforeseen

When you reach age twenty

they tell you your mind should be made up,

isn't that funny?

When you pass twenty-four

they wonder why you aren't married

and ignore all they told you before

Blow out twenty-five candles,

feeling tired and weary,

wondering how your life began to dismantle

But perhaps life is not always like this,

perhaps we all have our own timeline to live by,

and we should not dwell on all we think we miss

As for me,

this is my twenty-five,

what will yours be?