Megan was just about finishing on writing her latest prayer when Hosea showed up after work.

"How was your day, Megan?" he asked.

Megan gave a little jump. She was writing on the kitchen table.

"Hosea, don't scar me like that!"

"Sorry, Megan. I didn't mean to," he told his wife.

"I know you didn't. how was work today?"

"It was fine, but busy, which is what I like. Is Jake around?"

"No, he's not. He's staying over at Saunders' with Jim for the night."

"That was nice of Shawn and Erin to let Jake spend time at their house for the weekend. I did have a conversation with him at lunch."

"About what?" Megan asked once she wrote the word Amen after the latest prayer. He recognized the journal.

"Writing something, huh? I'll have to take a look once I have something to pray about."

"Sounds good. I read your latest prayer as well. What has Jesus been telling you about lately?"

"Jo answer your question about Shawn, he bought up the church again."

"What did he have to say about it this time?"

"He thought we should try something to do for connections since we haven't been to church since you brought Jake into the world sixteen years ago."

She was still giving Hosea her full attention.

"He thinks we should introduce ourselves to Pastor Tim and see what you and I should do after being baptized last year."

"Why would we want to do such a thing like that?"

He had to agree with his wife when she said that.

He shrugged and said, "I asked Shawn the same question, Megan. He seems to understand about our privacy to our relationship with Christ."

"Erin and I talked about that at lunch too. She said since it's been sixteen years without going to church, we should think about volunteering. I told her I would let you know first. She thinks it's a good start before becoming to be part of the church."

"You know what Shawn said at lunch a while back?"

"What did he say?"

"He thinks since we were baptized last year, it looks like to him that since we didn't go to church last week because we would go back to the direction we had when Jake was born."

"I guess he's right about that part," Megan said.

"I agree. I pointed out that God had something for us not to go to church again. You and I are happy where we are. No matter what, right?"

"Exactly. Maybe we need to keep praying about it and see what He says next."

"Don't any of your family know that you left the church when Jake was born?" Hosea asked.

"They don't need to know, Hosea. I grew up as a Baptist, don't forget," Megan reminded him.

He didn't say anything for a minute or two.

"How about your family?" Megan asked.

"Of course not. I decided to pray about it and see what God has to say."

"That's a good idea. We baptized last year and never said anything."

"Maybe we should keep praying for the right time to share with them. No matter what," Megan replied.

"Amen. At least those words seem to work for us."

"Exactly. I wouldn't say a word about this conversation with Jake either."

"Agreed," Hosea returned.

"We'll make sure that announcement, if God says it's the right time. It's not a good idea quite yet," Megan pointed out.

"I know what you mean, Megan. I'll have to read the Bible some more and see what gives."

"Good idea, Hosea. What would you like for dinner tonight?"

"How about leftovers?"

"I'm fine with that. Let's go and see what's there."

They are pretty good about leftovers.

Megan had written another entire page of the latest prayer. She wrote it before she forgot what was being prayed for.

"Erin told me at lunch journaling their prayers seem to change their lives since the beginning."

"He told me the same thing. Remember we've kept all of our prayer journals since we starting doing it?"

"I can't believe it. Maybe we should go back to one of them and see if God has done anything with them."

"I never thought of that one," he said.

"Neither have I until now. should be interesting to look back and take another look and see what happened since."

Hosea had forgotten from a long time ago he prayed about running for office in the future and got what he wanted. Time to check that one off. There was no need to join other people for a presidential run, bur it could always think about it and now wasn't the right time.

It hadn't been the right time to share with their families about not attending church for so many years and reading the Bible half the time. Only God knows what their future looks like, no matter what.

Note: This could be shared in a different story.