A friend is someone who listens

But isn't afraid to interrupt

A friend is always there for you

But still has their own life

A friend will help pull you out of the deep

And if not, will call for help

They'll make time to see you

And aren't afraid to laugh

At both your successes and failures

A true friend will hug you tight

Either sincerely or awkwardly

Then the two of us will laugh

And understand the reason why

A friend can be like you

Or the complete opposite, it's true

But all that really matters

Is they like you for you

And ditto to the same way if you feel it too

A friend doesn't get jealous

When you make more friends

Friendship is better when the circle expands

Friendship can be wonderful

It can be a blast

If you understand Friendship

Then your friendships will last

A friend can be anyone, but not anyone can be your friend

In the end, it's up to you to be

The best person you can

And then maybe, reach out your hand

And be there for another,

To really be their friend

Until the bitter end

If you can count them on your hand

Then they're truly are a friend