Lük and Bea are going to the heaven theater to see a movie called "Phil Feather VIII: Say Halo To My Little Friend". "I can't wait to show you this Phil Feather guy. He's like the greatest movie star in heaven.", said Bea. "What's so great about a muscular guy with wings showing off his oversized pecs and his veiny arms?", said Lük. "What's so great?!", shouted Bea when she put her hands on Lük's face and also said, "In the last movies, Phil Feather used to beat his arch rivals to death with his own wings. He carried a 3-ton bomb and aimed it at the missile that was gonna kill his girlfriend, and he used his wings again to unlock doors when he was held prisoner many times. Now tell me that's not great, Lük." "Well, what would be great is insulting this Phil Feather douche during the movie.", said Lük.

As the two are approaching the ticket booth, they asks the salesman for 2 tickets. The salesman asks them for $39. Bea offers to pay for the tickets, so she takes out her purse, but she takes out a bull's horn, a AA battery and an old magazine. "That should cover it." said Bea. "Red. That ain't money, you dope.", said Lük. "The demon's right. You need to give me money.", said the salesman. Bea gives the salesman a coat button and says, "Here, let's keep this between us.". Lük hand palms as the two are ejected from the theater.

"Red, why on God's green earth would you carry random bullshit in your purse instead of actual dough?", said Lük. "Well, I can't keep dough. It would go rotten time after time." said Bea. "No, I meant having money around with ya. I mean do ya even keep money.", said Lük. "My mom said I can't have money until I learn to be so-called responsible with it. I never even gotten allowances because of some 'misunderstandings'.", said Bea. "You're a grown-ass lady, Red. What's stoppin' ya from having some good ol' green mula?", said Lük. "My mom.", said Bea. "To hell with your mom, what you need right now is to make some cash, the old-fashioned way.", said Lük. "I'm talking of course about a job!" "A job?", said Bea. "Hell yeah, Red. And you know, maybe I need a job too. I've been getting sick and tired of eating through bones and trash.", said Lük. "[gasp] Can we get a job and work in the same place together?", said Bea. "As long as we're makin' mula.", said Lük. Bea becomes so overjoyed that she gives Lük her random bullshit as a token. "Yeah, you definitely need real money much more sooner.", said Lük.