A few days later at Lük's home, Lük discovers he's running out of food. He tries to get a drink of water, but the tap is empty. He watches TV but the power goes off. Lük realizes he needs a job more than ever.

At 'Are You Coddin Me?', Bea is at the register when she sees her mom Heather. "Hey, mom. Look at me. I'm now officially employed. Are you proud of me?", said Bea. "If you learned to properly use a bank account, yes.", said Heather. "Well, then. Can I take your order?", said Bea. "I have an order!", said a mysterious voice. It is revealed as Lük. "I would like to work in this god-forsaken restaurant with a side of mula.", said Lük. "Is that even in the menu?", said Bea. "Demon? What the hell are ya doin' here?", said Sal. "Listen here, fish breath. I came here for one reason and one reason only. To get employed and make some goddamn mula.", said Lük. Sal laughs and says "Are your ears hidden in those horns? You had your chance and you blew it, man." "Kind like you blew your chances at finding a girlfriend.", said Lük. The crowd is stunned. Horoshi tries to stab Lük with his sword, but Sal has another idea. Sal suggests that Lük can get employed, if and only if he can eat an entire sperm whale, a fully grown sperm whale. Lük willingly accepts.

Sal commands Horoshi to bring the sperm whale to Lük via a bulldozer. Sal adds the most spiciest sauces of all time on the whale. He sets a timer to 20 minutes. "Alright, demon. This is your final chance. I hope you blow it.", said Sal. "Kinda like your food gradings.", said Lük. The crowd is stunned again. Lük begins to eat the sperm whale. Everytime he eats a piece, he keeps holding in the spice. He eats as fast as he can, even using his hands to eat big chunks. As the final minute approaches, Lük feels full, as if he is going to give up. Sal laughs and says "What's the matter, demon? Can't take another bite?" Horoshi laughs with him. Bea intervenes and says, "Lük! Please keep eating. I know you can. You introduced me to the world of jobs. You thought me how to make real mula. And I really want to work, but not without you, buddy. Now come on. Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat! Eat!". The crowd joins Bea in chanting "Eat!". And so Lük gets up and does the unimaginable. He picks up of what's left of the sperm whale, consumes the entire body and swallows it in one piece. He aggressively holds onto the spice and flames come out of his nose. The crowd cheers. Sal is shocked after seeing Lük eating all of the sperm whale in style. "I don't believe it. You actually did it. No one has ever done what you did. I-I take back all the insults. You are one badass demon.", said Sal. "I now have newfound respect for you, demon.", said Horoshi while kneeling down in front of Lük. "Now then, I'll start tat job now, boss.", said Lük. "Uh, right away, demon.", said Sal. "The name's Lük.", said Lük. "Right away, Lük.", said Sal.

Bea is excited that she and Lük are now working together in the same restaurant. "Holy crap, Lük. I can't believe you just did that.", said Bea. "That's right, red. Now you and me are getting that real mula for sure.", said Lük. "Hooray for real mula!", said Bea. "Looks like I won't need this anymore.", she also said while throwing away her random bullshit. "Good, cos nobody will ever accept that shit anyway.", said Lük. And so our demon-angel pair are official employees at 'Are You Coddin' Me?'.