Written for [Twelve Shots of Summer: Another D8].

William was a little concerned about his siblings.

He knew that Erin and Joshua had stayed up pretty late drinking together, which was often a recipe for disaster. The two of them were both pretty stubborn, and they already bickered enough without being under the influence. When alcohol was involved, things often got heated very quickly. Maybe he should have stayed up with them to keep an eye on them, but he honestly hadn't been in the mood. He had just hoped that everything would be fine, but that had clearly been an unrealistic ideal. He had no clue what had gone down after he had gone to bed, but things were definitely a little tense today. Erin kept shooting Josh dirty looks, and he seemed to be getting more irritated every time she did. It was definitely making this quite the awkward breakfast.

Will shot Nicholas a worried glance, but Nich just shrugged at him and kept eating his strawberry waffles. He had evidently decided that he didn't want to get involved in this, and while Will couldn't exactly blame his friend, he also wished the older boy would do something. When Nich stood up from the table, Will had a brief moment of hope, but that was destroyed when he spoke.

"Alright, I'm going to work, so I'll see you three later. Try not to destroy the apartment while I'm gone," Nich said, directing his last statement towards Erin and Josh. Erin gave him an innocent look, while Josh just stared impassively. Nich rolled his eyes at both of them, and then looked to Will and mouthed 'good luck'.

Will helplessly watched his fellow voice of reason leave the apartment. What a traitor! Of course, the second Will thought that, he immediately felt guilty. Just because Nich was older than them didn't make it his responsibility to fix everything. In the year and a half that they'd been living with him, Nich had gone above and beyond to make sure the three of them were safe and healthy. He couldn't be expected to always deal with petty little fights as well. It would just be up to Will this time to handle this.

He poked at his blueberry waffles as he tried to figure out how to approach this. It wouldn't take much to have Josh and Erin at each other's throats, so he would definitely need to be careful. It sure was exhausting having such dramatic siblings!

"So, did you two have fun last night?" Will asked them.

Erin viciously stabbed a piece of chocolate chip waffles with her fork. Will couldn't help but wince whenever he looked at her plate, which was also drowned in whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and maple syrup. He loved sweet things, but his sister really took it too far sometimes.

"Yeah, sure, we had so much fun," Erin muttered. Her long red hair was dangerously close to getting covered in all the stuff on her plate, but she didn't seem to notice.

"Don't tell me you're still pouting about it," Josh sneered at her. He was already on his second plate of waffles, which wasn't surprising. He always ate a lot the day after drinking.

"You really expect me to not be bothered that my own brother could betray everything we stand for?" Erin demanded.

Will looked back and forth at his brother and sister. "Um, what happened?"

"Erin's just pissy that my music taste has evolved," Josh said rather condescendingly.

"Oh, you're so full of shit! You call enjoying that crap evolving?" Erin challenged him. "We have always stanned Eminem, and now you're all into MGK?"

Seriously? That's what this was all about? Will's siblings really were ridiculous. It was scary to think that they were a little less than a year away from being adults. He was starting to wonder if the two of them would ever grow up.

"Not my fault that "Rap Devil" fucking slaps," Josh answered with a shrug and a cold look. "It takes some guts to go up against Eminem like that, you know. You should have a little more respect."

Erin looked about ready to launch herself across the table at Josh. He knew all too well that appearing unaffected was the easiest way to get her riled up. Will definitely needed to put a stop to this before things went too far.

"Don't you two think that this is a stupid argument? I mean, it's just rap music," Will interjected. Suddenly the two of them were staring him down instead of each other.

"Really, Will? Just rap music? I thought you of all people understood how important music really is," Josh said in a disapproving tone.

"Seriously! The sick beats, the clever lyrics, what's not to love about rap?" Erin said passionately.

"Come on, we're gonna finish eating in front of the TV. We obviously need to educate you," Josh told him with a sigh.

Will couldn't help but smile as he picked up his plate and followed his siblings. As easy as it was for them to get into fights, it was often just as easy to get them out of fights. All he ever had to do was present an opportunity for them to become a united front. As he listened to Erin and Josh agreeing that they should show him Hopsin, who they both apparently liked, Will marveled at how far they had come from being the kids sleeping under bridges. Sure, his siblings still seemed to be doing their best to drive him crazy, but at least now they could just argue about meaningless things. It was such a big difference from the life-or-death arguments of their past. Will would gladly deal with such silliness if it meant that they were all safe and happy.

Author's Note: So here's week four! I was having trouble with this week's prompts, and Avi reminded me of the Remix option where I can use old prompts. So I chose to use the week four prompts from the first year, [Betrayal] and [The Broken Under Bridges].

This is dedicated to my best friend Cat, who asked me to write something with our OCs. This is a sequel to something she wrote with these characters a few years ago.

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