Lük and Bea are at the hospital where Dr. Featherton has Bea's wings finally reattached and Lük's knee all fixed up. "You two are lucky to be alive. That warehouse collapse could've squashed you like a bunch of grapes.", said Dr. Featherton. "Well, red. I hope you've learned something from this near-death experience.", said Lük. "Yeah, I should get demon wings instead of these ones. I bet they would make me sexier.", said Bea. "What? Red. We just escaped from a warehouse collapse and two crazed demons and all you could think of is getting new wings?", said Lük. "But Lük, maybe I do need a new look. Matter of fact...", said Bea as she rips off the wings that just got reattached and she screams in pain. "You're a fucking idiot, red.", said Lük. "Oh, well. At least I don't have to deal with that jerk-off again.", he also said.

Back to the destroyed warehouse, a hand is seen moving, as Prichard pulls himself off the debris. Winsel also breaks free. "Why those punk-ass bitches, I'm gonna kill'em.", said Winsel. "Not yet, Winsel. We have other plans for that demon.", said Prichard before sending a cryptic message for Lük while pulling out a cigarette and smoking it. "Watch yourself, Lüktipher Demonson. The fun has just begun." He then puts the cigarette on his posterior where his tail used to be to try and ease the agonizing pain.