Joe Girouard is the CEO of a popular chain of real estate investment companies. He has always been someone who shuns media attention and doesn't appear for interviews often as he strongly believes in conducting the business as below the radar as possible. This is precisely why when he talked about his boutique shop having transformed into a global network took everyone by surprise.

Joe Girouard's company was born through his dedication towards helping companies put their best foot forward. He has helped several companies reap the benefits by leveraging the most innovative technologies and integrated techniques available in the developing technological and sociological world. His company is known as one that understands their clients' needs on a broad scale, and can help them expand through whatever means possible.

About Joe Girouard

Joe Girouard is regarded as one of the most significant thought leaders in the real estate world. He is credited for revolutionizing the real estate business in the early 90's by leveraging the then latest technological advancements.

A few years down the lane, he founded his own group of companies that offer all kinds of services related to real estate and expand to facility management as well.