Bea recently buys a video game console and a game called "The Infinite Game". She doesn't know what the game is about, but she will, sort of.

She turns on the console, puts in the disc and plays. She sees "The Infinite Game" is nothing more than a spaceship shooting aliens. She completes 10 levels, then it's 20 levels, then 50, then 100, then 500. Bea gets more and more enraged after passing a level only to play an extra level.

7 months have passed, and Bea, looking bloodshot and insane-looking is at level 1,000,000,000, hoping it is the last level of the game. She shoots as many aliens as she can, trying to finish the level. She sweats so much that it lands on the controller, but surprisingly it didn't stop her. She mashes buttons a fast as she can and screams like hell. The last alien has been shot, and Bea celebrates hysterically, but she sees on the screen that there is a level 1,000,000,001 and the game is meant to be continued. Bea pauses for 10 seconds, and suddenly screams, throws a tantrum and throws away the console and the game, not realizing the true meaning of "The Infinite Game." She passes out in emotional distress.

A passerby sees the console and game that Bea throw out and takes it for himself, unaware that his life will be waisted.