The day was gloomy

Bound only by the heat

Of a summer's day

Which ensures today is of it's reign

Even if the rain stated contrary claims,

It carried forth, slowly

The day gnawing and eroding

At my mind, the coming night, my only desire

As the grey light had grown into a burden

And lucid darkness was far more preferable to this

So I waited, and waited

Musing over my past

Preparing for the future

Living in the present

All too assure of those three

I would only learn of my mistake

When I finally left reality

and went forward

Into the lands of the mind

Where nowhere and everywhere are synonymous.

When I did finally make that venture

And sunk away into this ocean so wide and full

Did I only find myself in a place

That was the bridge to everywhere

The churning of machinery in the ear

All but nature 'round however,

The chauffeuring cover of fog

Which laid claim to my vision

And robbed me of everything but the basics

I rose from the hard floor, and sought destiny despite it.

Walking forth, I went in desperate search

Venturing to where this land would make sense

In this prison, wider then any other

Merely a expression of an acceptable confinement

Or a never-ending maze,

Nobody passed me, but I passed everyone

Yet I saw no one, the constructions being my only friends here

A stop here, the lone post of light there

The solid metal of the guard on the side here

And the sight of metal pyramids, thrashing against the fog there

Wander forevermore, thou art the fool after all!

Yet I was that were not the case

But what would I be without dreams?

Regardless, to be cast here is my fate

But fate is never predictable, as she is never perfect.

The fog began to unroll before my eyes

The sun was nowhere to be found

Yet light was still in abundance

And a strange heat was rising from under

As sights of iron beasts and marble chains came forth

And they were all I could see in the sky

Bashful and daunting, stalwart and enduring

Still against the d├ęcor of nature

Of high trees, of grass thick with the dew of morning

And the one who could name such a thing stood and admired

And I carried on the way, seeking to live just a moments more

In this fine place, yet I lived in such fear

Of the horrors that can be spawned

From the grand abyss beyond, laying out of sight

Far from the border of materiality and of such grand power despite it.

I ventured to the steel goliaths beyond

My feet peeling and tearing

On the rough asphalt below, though blood could never deter me

And along the way I saw all these pretty things

Ditches with an exotic bloom, Mirrors of other worlds

And so much more to be named

But I reared close, all signs showing the city with no name

T'was but a distance away, a fact shown through the straightness of the road

That lead to a city illuminated by yellow and white

Fitted with it's steel beasts and marble chains.

I dove forth into their constructions

With the nature facing my back

I entered their cauldron

And was meet with another sight

Of an indecipherable aspect so familiar and so foreign

To the weary and dreary day

That was it's forbearer

I had to continue forth

Even if only out of that curiosity to know more.

Crossing the wet road

Admiring all that was around me

Though never being engulfed by one thing

For I know there was something

That was greater then them all here

And under the spell of dreams

I zealously sought that superior object

To maybe gain a trinket of truth

From the innermost place, this land of fabrication

That is horribly confusing.

To the center, to the center

I went, falling into the cascade

For the desire had morphed and changed

Into a trance that was unbreakable

Sending me to the heart of this world.

When I finally came to the epicenter

Of this steel maze, with all it's marble trappings

Did I behold the lady of this place, a nebulose faced goddess

Who seemed to match my every movements here with her radiant eyes

But I would not know anymore, the bell had rung, and I was cast home again.