The boy was more terrified than he'd ever been in his life. This was despite the room he was currently in being quite nice looking, loded with a flat-screen TV, mini fridge, pinball table, among other amenities.

He was sitting on a couch across from another werewolf that, despite probably being able to dice him to pieces without a second thought, looked remarkably relaxed.

The only sound in the room was a boiling coffee pot off to the side.

"Are you going to stare at me all night, or are you going to actually introduce yourself?"

Partially not desiring to make the situation any more awkward than it already was, and partly out of fear, he forced out an answer. "I'm... Alan. Alan Irvin."

Anyone could tell that the female werewolf was trying to come off as non-threatening as possible, having read the frightened mannerisms of the boy. It was quite the unenviable task. "I'm Elanor Louis, but you can call me Ellie."

She tried to sound chipper and upbeat, but the unnatural depth and growl to her voice (with a touch of an accent that Alan couldn't quite place due to the interference) made her instead come off as a mix of threatening and comical.

An excruciatingly long period of silence followed before Ellie got things moving again. "So... How did you get like that?"

Her smile had faded now, replaced with a look of curiosity.

Alan squirmed in his seat. Was he really going to tell this complete and total stranger something like this?

...considering how things have been for him recently, that was, completely insane, why not?

"It was supposed to be a cancer treatment..."


"Didn't think I had a choice. It was terminal. Some guy offered me some kind of 'experimental treatment', and well, I guess people do really stupid things when they're desperate..."

The casual manner the female had been showing to this point had fallen away completely. "When did you start transforming?"

"The night I got home. It wasn't fun. I still jump when I look at myself."

And it's not over yet, Alan added mentally, causing something, or someone deep inside his mind to stir restlessly. Along with the physical changes, there had been a mental change, too. One that he, quite frankly, was terrified of.

He wasn't alone.

Elanor, herself, had stayed relatively silent as the young man told his tale. She almost seemed as if she wanted to say something when he talked about that treatment, but apparently thought better of it.

To his surprise, she wasn't exactly forthcoming about her experience, and he had to prod it out of her, to some degree.

Even then...

"I, uh, was having a movie night with my boyfriend, and went to refill my water bottle. I took what I thought was a packet he bought for me and..."

It didn't take a genius to fill in the blanks from there.

"It started almost immediately. My stomach started to hurt, so I went to the bathroom. It... It felt so wierd, but it didn't hurt..."

She began to twitch, and there seemed to be visible strain on her lupine face. Was she holding something back?

"I remember wanting to blow up and...nothing until I came to in the this."

It wasn't a debate as to what Alan wanted to say next. The debate lay in whether it was wise for him to say it.

Thinking about it, was there any other choice? He had been aching for a cure of sokr kind for what he was, and just maybe, there was someone who could give him that.

He would just have to word this delicately.

"You don't think that maybe the guy knows-"

The blur of following actions cut off the remainder of the sentence. Ellie had left the building at this point, replaced by something savage. It's red eyes compared to the girl's yellow told the story. It lashed out, darting across the room to lop Alan's head off.

He would never be able to dodge in time, but, it turned out, he didn't have to worry about that. That presence took over for just a moment, yanking the timid host out of the way.

The monster that was Ellie hit drywall, tearing through it like paper. Coming back to himself on the ground, he looked up to realize just how close he came to not having a head.

The beast growled in frustration before retreating, leaving Ellie back in control. It didn't take long for her to put two and two together.

To Alan's surprise, she looked absolutely terrified, her yellow eyes wide. She backed away from him as if he was the looming death machine instead of her.


The thought of possibly comforting her flitted across his mind, surprising even him. But what could he say?

After what seemed like forever, she turned away from him, mumbling something so softly that he wouldn't have even caught without his supernatural hearing.

"This was a bad idea..."

What was?

Apparently, he had actually said that aloud, as she turned to him, a sullen, regretful look on her face. "Bringing you here. I almost killed you when I just..."

Alan didn't move. Perhaps if he was in his right mind at the moment, he would have went back to checking the doors for the exit again.

There was something about the look on her face, though, that seemed to lock him in place.

It reminded him of himself (minus the lycanthropic maw for the most part) from way before the diagnosis. That look of crushing loneliness had stared him back in the face had been doing so since he was five.

Only this time, it was on another person.

"What? What did you want?"

Her expression changed to one of genuine surprise. "You...still want anything to do with me?"

The rational part of him still wanted to scream "no" and take off into the night. Tragically, it wasn't in control.

"Um... I guess...?"

What had he just said?

She couldn't believe it either, and it showed on her face.

Then, she cracked a smile. Were those tears?

"T-Thank you..."

Without warning, she pounced on him, much less lethally this time, and enveloped me in a bear (or rather, wolf) hug. She backed off upon seeing his very put-off reaction.

After apologizing in a foreign language, sbe snapped back to English when she realized that her audience wasn't following. "I'm sorry. I're the first person who hasn't tried to kill me or flee in fear since..."

Flustered for multiple reasons, Alan decided to push things along. "What did you want me for?"

Ellie had finally returned to what he guessed was normal. "There's something I think you can help me with. Can you come with me?"

Alan surprised himself (or not) by going along with her beckoning motion. So much insanity had happened to him recently that he had begun to numb to it.

If he was crazy, then at least now he wouldn't be alone.