p data-p-id="7a097e4901639fe4933f81161e7fc247"There Charles was, in his own kitchen, staring face to face with a ghost./p
p data-p-id="169728fcb3bb757ec3f04a06fce7f7b6"Well, more accurately, a ghost with a fancy glove on./p
p data-p-id="6c7c451d99b618473f1482a3d8f908d4""Who..." the sentient statue tilted his head. "...or what, are you?"/p
p data-p-id="68e18c2310f755b6ae526e71370ec6d4""Oh, just a guy stopping by..." The intangible young man eyed the sandwich before picking it up again./p
p data-p-id="7ff9b4611d12fbf95842775370e751b9"The idea of punching the intruder in front of him had more than once run through the Dunne heir's mind, but even he could soundly guess that he would get only a fistful of air./p
p data-p-id="32a07585bee994bfaec0aa70d7a0be3d"Such feelings of helplessness were getting disturbingly common as of late. It annoyed him./p
p data-p-id="26c0b0859d236a788566e8182bf27d77"He must have been showing his displeasure in his countenance, as he provoked a raised eyebrow from his opposite./p
p data-p-id="184826be0ea6837abb5851807f7a9e2b""What?"/p
p data-p-id="449286782254a0762c3ba39f24c7fb25""What do you think? What are you doing in my house?!" Every word came out as a disdainful hiss. Who did this interloper think he was?/p
p data-p-id="31aea2ad3b0a714d7a344ace948b722b""I was...just in the neighborhood," the boy slowly mouthed, eyes darting around the room./p
p data-p-id="c92c62597715be1647c465dca981ba1a"This guy was a terrible liar. Charles responded with a deadly glare. "The real story. NOW."/p
p data-p-id="5447ba077ff297eb3c674915b6eea1b9""Fine," came the reluctant reply. "Name's Derek. I figured hanging out at your place would be kind of interesting. Gotta live life to the fullest in what little time you've got left."/p
p data-p-id="09503cee2f4fd5f4a3d4e23d0b128c1b""Whatever thrill-seeking you're doing, I'm sure you can do it..." At that moment, his eyes went across the glove for what seemed like the millionth time. "What's this?"/p
p data-p-id="d1837e2e6d0c6cd5d8372d897665ddaf"A protective hand gripped the base of the device. "Some sort of 'matter displacement' something-or-other. I just call it the Ghosting Glove. It's what's keeping me from fading out of existence."/p
p data-p-id="a401e87a5cf9c4356d60fe8836b4583e"Charles raised an eyebrow again, but this time, with interest. "You seemed fine when you were breaking into my house. I can see you right now. What's the problem, again?"/p
p data-p-id="c999bfc04d8eeaeba91e9621655fb2da"The boy face-palmed. "No. You don't get it, man. This thing emsucks/em! See this dial, here?"/p
p data-p-id="af24d1d6de803d04923cdd283aff4431"A closer look revealed said dial. It appear to be a fuel meter, only about three quarters full./p
p data-p-id="249a180b4d0e529c42f4cfbcfd6ffb40""Once that runs dry, I dissappear forever."br /Charles shrugged. "You can't just take it off?"/p
p data-p-id="2e90f5964e99599d57e8df9ed3550e45""Nope. Bound to my DNA."br /"What do you want me to do about this, again...?" They were getting nowhere with this./p
p data-p-id="59192d08f389621cc2b4a6421c5b90ab"Unfortunately, the effectively depopulated Dunne household was about to have another uninvited guest./p
p data-p-id="1360a10060205e1b504e7047dd6ed1e7"An elderly woman suddenly appeared in front of the two in a flash of light. Before they could recover, The woman gave Charles a hard /"You. Golden One. You must come with me."/p
p data-p-id="21f7f53754bf9d4dfcc4f00a9db98f72""Wha-" Charles barely uttered as the woman grabbed his arm. She did the same with the boy's arm. "You might as well come along."/p
p data-p-id="db8ea6524a2ce6f00d365ecf1426b809"The group warped away in an instant, leaving the mansion devoid of human life./p