The scope of the matter Tdelicot Summary: Special Agent Gibbs is coming to terms with his partial retirement taking place between seasons 18 and 19th and his injuries caused by the explosion of his boat RULE 91.

Chapter 1

Ever since he had been rescued by Cecelia Waters at the Rectory in Crystal Waters. Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs had been having a hard time trying to adjust to the changes in his life.

Currently, he was relaxing sitting on the front porch of his house in Alexandria, Virginia dosing off to sleep. While Cecelia had been at the Rectory working for only a few hours today. She had been more concerned about her husband for the better of three months since he's been suffering from bad dreams. And today was one of those days...

Special Agent Gibbs along with his friends from NCIS had landed on an island in Hawaii where he had gotten the word that the serial killer Marcie Warren had been seen by those searching. Gibbs had been using all of his favors in the service, satellite and even NCIS in Hawaii with the new team developed there.

There was a small island fifty miles south of Hawaii with very little of the population on the island. Between himself, Nick Torres, Eleanor Bishop having come back from Bulgaria after six months has been on a rescue mission had heard from Gibbs needing the help. Even Senior Field Agent McGee and F.B.I. agent Alden Park had agreed to come to the island in search of the serial killer have killed a number of people during the past six months.

Today the weather was humid as hell with the entire group arriving onto the small island by two rafts coming from two-speed boats from the main island.

They were to be told to be wearing their black vests and weapons to protect them from those that might be helping out the serial killer Marcie Warren.

Special Agent Gibbs wiping his brow from the sweat after setting foot onto the ground. He had taken out his goggles as with Alden to see whether they are able to see anyone lurking into the trees or even the small caves possible.

"Nick, McGee please be careful?" Gibbs noted with his order for his two friends to be careful.

"We will boss." McGee needed to say even though Gibbs hasn't been his boss for while now with having been working at the NCIS Acamedy for the past three months as an instructor and his struggles to deal with it since his accident with the explosion of his boat Rule 91.

The group with Gibbs watched them moved off with Bishop staying back to keep Gibbs and Park company away from view from any sniper. Bishop turned to face Gibbs with seeing the haunted expression on his face.

"What's wrong Gibbs?" she had placed her right hand onto his shoulder while holding onto his rifle and scope.

Deep inside one of the many caves on the island. Marcie Warren and four of her friends from Paraguay and the local Cartel off the Hawaiian islands. She had been watching through the scope on whether she is able to see her target, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. The only one and Special Agent Tobias Fornell she needed to kill with him having left for Costa Rica for a month.

One of the Cartel members walked into the cave with the change in the weather to be happening soon with a storm of sorts that was reported.

"Anything Gomez?" she asked the specialist for when it comes to certain high-powered weapons stolen from the United States Government.

"Gibbs has arrived along with his friends from NCIS and most of all the F.B.I.. It's not Special Agent Tobias Fornell that you needed to have killed in the first place," he said to see her smirking while holding tightly onto her rifle with the urge to kill in her blood. "Are there any further orders?" he asks.

"Just continued to keep watch on them until it's time for me to take them out?" she inquired with the response.

"Very well Marcie, we will be sure to keep a watch on him when it's time?" Gomez had gone outside the cave to speak with the others until four hours later when it was that time...

Since the storm had passed quickly. Gomez, Warren, and two others headed for where Special Agent Gibbs and his friends were located.

While Torres and F.B.I. agent Alden Park had called Gibbs on the earpiece to advised him that they were heading his way to be ready.

"Are you sure Special Agent Park?" Gibbs exclaimed with a deep breath with the excitement inside his chest.

"Oh, yeah I am sure Gibbs. Please watch yourself while we try to figure out how to take them out?" he said with Torres coming back from scouting the location and seeing them moving in closer.

"Anything Nick?" Special Agent Park had to ask since he had never done anything like this before.

"Yes, the four of them are carrying heavy with their rifles in order to take out Gibbs and the rest of the party." Nick quietly tries to say with needing his bottle of water on his hip from the heat and humidity of the island.

"We need to hurry back in order to protect them before this serial killer and her friends tries to take them out?" Park cried out with drinking his own water as well before moving off quickly.

They began to run as fast as they could. When all of a sudden they heard shots fired coming from the direction of Gibbs, McGee, and Bishop.

Park tried to speak to Gibbs in his earpiece only to get nothing but static. "Gibbs can you hear me?" he tried asking a few times with no response.

Nick stopped to listen to what Park was trying to make contact with Special Agent Gibbs even though that title changed to being an instructor at the NCIS Acamedy. "Anything?" Nick asks with grave concern with his tone and with cocking his rifle.

"Negative. Let's move." Special Agent Alden Park ordered with a serious tone scared for the group up ahead on whether anyone had been injured.

When they reached the spot of the gun fired. Bishop and Torres were the only ones alive. While both of them were standing over Gibbs's body having been shot three times by Marcie Warren. Even though the three of the members of the Cartel had been shot before it was too late.

Looking down at the dead body for Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his legacy now gone after years of pain and suffering.

THIS IS WHEN SPECIAL AGENT GIBBS WOKE from his nap sleeping on the front porch when Cecelia had to wake him having another one of the bad dreams.

"Jethro wake up already it's Cecelia?" she tried not to touch him with the possible chance that he could wind up hitting his wife with the reflex action.

He woke quickly to find himself looking up at his wife with the shake of his head not believing this at all and needing to be speaking with Doctor Confalone and Doctor Anthony Sterling of NCIS TO DISCUSS THE DREAMS. " I am so sorry Cecelia? That dream I had to seem so real with having to be on the island just off Hawaii?" he cries out with sitting up needing to have something to drink to calm his nerves for the moment.