The scope of the matter

Chapter 100

"Another one of my problems with the ulcer. Anyway, I will call Tobias now to find out?" Gibbs will say to his friend and wife while she was bringing the teacup with more of his tea that he loves so much.

Gibbs had gotten up to take the call outside to bring up the number on the screen. Ducky and Cecelia watched him walked outside to talk.

"Cecelia, how is he really doing these days?" he will ask him in a soft whispered tone of voice.

She had placed the teacup onto the table for the moment. "Not good at all Ducky. He's scared like hell needing to find the answers to his boat blowing up." she alluded with her words sitting down to wait.

"I always felt that he was always on the verge of breaking down these past years Cecelia," he comments.

"I tend to agree with you on that fact. " when all of a sudden Gibbs comes back into the house. "Does Tobias know anything at all?" she will say to him.

"He's going to be checking into it nevertheless." he lied to them for now...

He followed the kitchen to grab more coffee and another slice of apple pie.

"So Ducky what are your plans for the next few days?" he will ask Ducky with coming into the living area with his coffee and pie. He had sat down on the couch enjoying himself waiting for an answer to the question.

"I am going to be making the rounds with visiting everyone at NCIS and around the surrounding region Jethro. Why do you ask?" Gibbs took a bite of apple pie.

"No real reason Ducky," he tells him and with Cecelia wondering what the hell was going on with him.