Lük goes to Bea and her mother's house to spend some time with her since he gets bored all day. Bea's mother Heather opens the door and doesn't look happy having Lük around her daughter, but he doesn't care as he goes inside the house while Heather stares at him.

Lük goes to Bea's room asking her to hang out and do something. Bea doesn't reply as she is on her phone. Lük asks her again, but she still doesn't listen. Lük raises his voice and keeps on calling her, even slapping her on the head, but she never responds as her eyes are glued onto the phone. He sees what is keeping Bea from talking. He sees on the screen a carnival-esque game of whacking demons. "What the hell is this?", he says to himself. When the screen says game over, Bea turns away from her phone and sees Lük and says, "Oh, Lük. I didn't see you there, buddy." "What the hell are ya playin', red?", said Lük. Bea says, "Oh, this? This is a new game that just came out today. It's called Whack-a-Demon. You just tap on the head of a demon and whack them to score points. Here, I'll show you." Bea again plays Whack-a-Demon. "Say, red. Those demons look just like me.", said Lük when he looked at the screen and got suspicious. He takes a closer look at the designs of the demons and suddenly realizes that they DO look just like him. "Why the hell am I on this game being beaten up more times than Rihanna?", said Lük. "What? That's crazy. You can't possibly be in this game, although those designs kinda match your look, Lük. They even have your eyes, horns and your big ugly nose.", said Bea. "I'll deal with your ugly nose comment later.", said Lük after he thought about slapping her on the head again. He leaves Bea's room while she still plays Whack-a-Demon.

Later, in the streets, Lük suddenly recognizes everyone using their phones, and sees on the screens that they're all playing Whack-a-Demon, even Reverend Lee Roy Jinkins. "Yes, yes, yes! Repent! Die! Burn in hell, demons, where you belong!", said the reverend. And also Archangel Grant is playing the game too, and so is Sal Coddington and Horoshi, and even God Almighty is joining the Whack-a-Demon bandwagon. Lük is strongly incensed by all this bullcrap, so he decides to complain against the people who made the game. He is suddenly approached by a family who thinks he's from Whack-a-Demon. "Daddy, look. It's him. The demon from the game.", said the daughter. "Can we whack him?", said the son. "Let's all whack him.", said the dad. And so they take out mallets and bash them on Lük's head repeatedly.