The Heavenly News comes on with reporters Halory (pronounced hai-lo-ree) Swanson and Angelo (pronounced ain-jel-o) Johnson. "Our top story, the latest mobile game made by Actifeather is the subject of social protest.", said Halory. "That's right, Halory. It appears that the game The Whacking Demon has somehow inspired young children to copy what is done on the game, causing a very unsettling outcry by parents. And they pin the blame on one demon named Lük Demonson, formerly of hell.", said Angelo. "Thousands of enraged parents are at the residence of Mr. Demonson right now, led by a member of the heaven elites, Heather Mackmill. "We will not stand by while this parasite sits and 'inspires' our children, and my 20-year-old daughter, to commit illegal activities." The protesters cheers her on. "Lüktipher Demonson, we demand that you come out here and make a public apology for filling our children's heads with your filth.", said Heather.

Lük is inside his home ignoring Heather and the protesters. He gets a phone call from Actifeather. "Hello?", said Lük. "Hey, Lük, ol' buddy. We were just checking in to see how you've been.", said the Actifeather boss. "Oh, I've never been better.", said Lük in a sarcastic tone when he looked out his window at the protesters. "Great, so, um. We'll just give ya the jist of what's goin' on now. You know our latest game, The Whacking Demon.", said the boss. "Yeah?", said Lük. "Well, apparently, we just received some phone calls, all of them sounded very angry. And here's the quote, unquote, best part, we're currently under investigation for quote, unquote, inspiration of endangerment of the youth. And right now, someone is putting handcuffs on me.", said the boss. "Oh, let me guess, I'm finished. I'm screwed.", said Lük. "You could say it like that. But we had a good run, man. Hey, maybe if we're not jailed for life, we could make a new game that could involve-", said the boss before he was KO'd by policeman and the phone is disconnected. "Well, fuck me.", said Lük

Lük decides to face the mob and says something. "Alright, shut up all of you. I have something to say. You want an apology. Here it is. I'm... sorry. I'm sorry... that all your kids turned into rebels and terrorists. I'm sorry that my game pissed off the living shit out of all of you. And I'm sorry, Heather, that Bea is now a heroin addict. There. I fucking said it. Are you all fucking happy now?!", said Lük. "Oh, it's going to make a lot more than just that mere apology., Demonson", said Heather. "What more do ya want, you old hag?", said Lük.

Lük is at a school where he gives a court-ordered speech about staying in school, following orders and not doing drugs. One kid makes fun of his nose by calling it ugly. Lük is enraged and he decides to beat up the kid, but he gets electrocuted by a shock bracelet on his leg. The kid keeps calling Lük's nose ugly, and all the other kids join him as Lük tries to get up but he still gets electrocuted. "MY NOSE IS NOT FUCKING UGLY!", shouted Lük.