Okay, so the plan was this.

I was going to break Padraig out of jail.

I was, I knew I was. So why was I having cold feet? Why? Because I only had one power, one power which was seen as the dud gift that only losers got off of Luke.

Gift: Invisibility.

But... I loved him.

Loved him enough to break him out of his unfair prison sentence. Yes, I knew that he was going before the jury and the judge in a month's time, but like I said. PODGE WAS INNOCENT!

Okay, enough of my rant. My name is Amy, one of the royal's close friends. At least, the two which had set off this future I was now in. What Podge was now in.

Tyler and Jessica.

Tyler because he had just been unlucky enough to receive the gift of immortality from Luke on his birthday. And Jessica... I actually don't know how she got her gifts, but she was pregnant now, (At least she told she was) so maybe Tyler gave the gift to her through his seed. Just saying it like that made me feel dirty.

But she was immortal now too... and boy, was that all I knew of their lives now. Yes, I hadn't heard properly from them since they left the planet because of Luke's demands.

I hated Luke, join the club. Nearly everyone who knew him for more than a few minutes hated the guy. Big Ego, GOD complex. The thing was, he HAD been like a God to many people... but now, he was quickly showing his true colors. And this all came about that fateful day where he said in shock to my good friend Tyler.


Enough of a backstory, I was standing just outside the prison gates, looking in at the young men as they roamed the yard. The gates were electric and covered well over the area like a roof. After all, one of the powers that were common was flight.

What Padraig had, so he couldn't just fly away.

I loved Padraig, I really did. And I knew he had never killed the two twin brothers he had been charged over with of murder. If you ask me, they were still very much alive.

But now at this moment, how was I going to do this? HOW?!

The first thing to do was to stop my thoughts. I had been practicing mindfulness for the last couple of weeks. Trying to empty my mind of all imagery and spoken thoughts. At least if I did that, the first major hurdle had been crossed. There were telepathics everywhere, and that included the police force, unfortunately.

As I stood just before the gates, I could see Podge down the way, sitting down and with an expression of a glum sad face.

I was going to have to plan this jailbreak just perfectly, as my power was not the best for this situation, but y'know, it was something. And that was all that mattered.

I was invisible as I watched him, and soon the prison bell rang loudly across the area, awakening Padraig back to the moment and he sadly got back on his two feet, walking in a slump back towards the huge dark dirty building. You could see that we really liked to finance prison here, didn't we?

Er... no.

In fact, our prison system on this planet was pretty bad. A lot of the men behind these bars were innocent. At least that's what Podge told me. I was a bit skeptical over this fact. But until I saw proof to the contrary, I had to take his word for it.

I walked in quiet steps up to the opening of the giant prison institution and slipped past the door when a guard had entered. Even though I was invisible didn't mean I didn't need to be careful. I actually had to be extra careful for a number of reasons. If someone saw the door opening on its own accord they'd know something was immediately up. I walked in step with the policeman as he got his card and swiped it into the slot, opening up the prison cell part of the building.

He strolled along, his baton slapping to his hand in an intimidating way. I gulped, becoming afraid myself. I followed behind him carefully and when I spotted Podge's prison cell, I smiled in relief but then my smile quickly dropped as he was at the very end of the building. LIKE this could get any harder!

The guard for some reason did something I did not expect of him. He stopped before Podge and whacked his hard stick to the railing of the cell that kept him and Podge apart.

Podge was sitting down, his head hung low as he just stared with no joy at the grey floor.

"So, Mr. Andrego. Is your God going to set you free this time?"

Padraig only glared up at him and the guard smirked, folding his arms and I could hear a slight jungle of his keys. I looked at them as they hung from his belt, and I quickly realized they were for the individual cells.

"One thing you should never do," Padraig told him coldly, getting to his feet and walking over towards the man, "Is TEST your God."

"You mean, YOUR God, right?" The guard spat back, and Padraig gave a heavy angry frown at him.

"Whatever," He replied and turned around heading back to his bed and sitting back down. I didn't know if he had hope of escape or not, I was a bit confused about all this God-talk.

The guard smirked coldly and turned around walking away in a confident swagger.

As I walked behind him, keeping in step, I slowly reached my invisible hand towards the clinking keys and yanked them off, holding them in the middle so they wouldn't let off a whimper of a jingle. They quickly vanished from sight as my power quickly enveloped them and I hurried back over to Podge's prison cell.

I waited for the guard to leave the building, and he did so very confidently.

I quickly got the key that was named after the initials above his cell and jammed them into the lock, twisting them and instantly pulling open the gate.

Padraig startled to his feet, looking at nothing as I was still invisible and he asked in a fearful whisper, "...God?"

"Yes..." I said, and he blinked his eyes confused.

"Why do you sound just like my friend, Amy-?"

I let off a laugh, about to go visible again but I quickly remembered there were cameras everywhere.

"It's me, doofus!" I told him quickly and Padraig cocked an eyebrow up, replying.

"Sorry, Doofus. You sound just like my girlfriend, Amy."

I let out an exasperated breath and quickly just grabbed his hand with my free one, "Let's just go, quickly now!"

My power extended quickly over Padriag's body and clothes and he suddenly gasped realizing something.


"Yes!" I hissed and yanked him out of the cell and down the hall. All the prisoners looked around trying to see who had escaped and I could feel Padraig shaking as he began to laugh in joyful hysterics. He suddenly let go of my hand and turned around, visible again as he proclaimed to his fellow 'innocent' men.


The men began to clap happy for his near escape and I yanked him back to me, but after a mere second there was a blasting siren all around the prison grounds and I yelled at him in fury.


We reached the door before the automatic lock had a chance of stopping us and we rushed out of the building with my invisibility really doing the heavy lifting.

As we reached the world outside, I looked around in terror and whispered to Podge as a warning, "Don't think. DON'T THINK A SINGLE THOUGHT."

He seemed to tremble at my words, and uttered out in despair, "I just thought of you naked."

Just like that, the telepathic policemen pointed their guns in our direction and I sighed in despair.

"Why, Podge? WHY?"