I did not understand Cameron's logic just then. I think Padraig didn't either, but I didn't look at his face to see his reaction.

"Kill Luke?" I only uttered, completely lost already to this plan, "Why?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Cameron asked me, looking deep into my eyes, and for some reason when he did my heart fluttered.

A way it hadn't fluttered since our breakup. A way it was only starting to flutter for Podge.

"No?" I replied, still confused and suddenly felt a huge pain in my head, rubbing my temple with my thumb and finger in pain.

"He could be listening to us, right now."

I took notice of Podge, seeing him also holding the sides of his head in pain.

"I just put a mental block on you both. If he can't hear your thoughts he won't find out where you are."

"It's like a brain freeze!" Padraig whined, rubbing his own temples as he tried to ease the pain, "...why?"

"Suck it up," Cameron quickly replied and added on as if it was nothing, "I'm mind blocking myself right now and I can't feel a thing."

"Yeah, but-" Padraig continued to whine, "You have immortality... wait," His brown eyes suddenly became awake with this knowledge and he continued in sudden glee, "YOU'RE IMMORTAL NOW!"

"Yeah," Cameron replied and floated the yellow flask before our eyes once more, "And you can be too, my friend."

Padraig gasped in his joyful scream, sounding like a teenage girl choking in delight at seeing a boy bad she loved. That was the best way I could possibly explain it.

"Immortality..." I only whispered and gazed quietly at the yellow serum hidden just before my eyes.

"Yes. Me, you, Podge... death never scaring us again."

Padraig squealed some more, waving his hands about just like the aforementioned teenage girl fan analogy from before.

"Okay, calm down, Podge." Cameron only smirked and slowly floated the flask back into his pockets. He zipped them up and clicked his thumb with a smart smile on his lips. Suddenly the lights went on just behind him and we could see a whole cabinet full of all the different types of serum.

"Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH!" Padraig screamed running over to them and pressing his hands excitedly on the glass casing of the cabinet.

I looked at it warily, before back at Cameron who quickly caught my eye and he grinned at me coyly, making me feel again the blush up my cheeks.

"So," He said and levitated over to the cabinet full of so many powers I could barely can't. Well, I mean, flask-wise... there were only six powers- no wait, there were actually seven now, not forgetting teleportation.

I however crossed my eyebrows and folded my arms, nudging Cameron as I came by him, indicating for him to follow me outside. Man, that mind block was hurting my brain though.

He seemed to blink surprised at my signal, and he just pulled Podge away from his leering gaze of the serums. I would have done the same if I was in Cameron's position. Padraig didn't have great impulse control. Heck, if we left him alone in here, by the time Cameron and I had had our discussion, Podge would've probably drained the last serum like an alcoholic.

We arrived outside and I could see the sky was a deep pink and dark blue, a few stars sprinkled across the night as it was just leaving the twilight hour.

I saw a wooden white fence that had a few broken parts but I just went up to the strongest looking spot on it and rested my arms gently on the top half, only gazing quietly ahead.

Cameron came to my side, and he locked the door to the cottage, keeping Padraig out of the building and away from his prized serums.

"What's wrong, Amy?" He asked gently and I closed my eyes. My heart was hurting me from the sound of his voice, the look in his eyes, and the very presence of him there.

"This..." I whispered and turned to look at him quietly, my eyes were shining from hidden tears, "I thought I had lost you forever."

"I thought the same thing about you." He replied and placed his hand on mine as it rested on the wood edge of the fence. The moment he did though, I withdrew it as I could sense someone else's eyes just staring at the moment between me and Cameron.


This was messy.

"But why..." I continued on, gazing almost frightened into my old boyfriend's eyes, "Why kill Luke...?"

"Because," Cameron replied, his words aching and being layered with sorrow, "He tried to kill me first."

My eyes nearly fell out of my sockets the second he had said that. Of course, they didn't. But honestly? All I could feel was disbelief.

"It was him, wasn't it?" I asked quietly and felt Podge approach us, his own eyes peering into Cameron's amazed, "He put you in the digital world."#

"No." Cameron replied and touched my cheek so intimately, I felt them hurt from the redness they had gone, "Samuel put me into the digital world. Luke," He said his name with such cold hatred, "He left me for dead."

"N-no," Podge only gasped in half a whisper. He then clenched his fists that were hanging down by his side and he growled in such rage it was like he was a dog getting ready to slaughter whoever was in his way, "He... he is evil."

"I know."

"No, YOU don't know." Padraig continued, spitting out vehemence with his words, "Luke is the same reason I was put in prison. He framed me for manslaughter!"

"Did he say to you anything about chess?"

Podge and I both blinked surprised at that mention. Then, suddenly, it was like a light switched on in Podge's head and he said in a gasp, "Once or twice, why?"

"He manipulated me into thinking I was on the right side. That I was doing the right thing. WHY was I so blind?"

We both stared at Cameron, amazed at his bitter words.

"He kept calling me his 'knight'... and when I wanted to tell you guys, he erased me."

I looked at Cameron, a bit confused with that last sentence, "Erase you? What do you mean?"

"He tampered with my brain and brought forth a new me. I was locked away into nonexistence. But I kept fighting to be heard. That's when he snapped my neck."

"Ooo!" Padraig winced back at that description.

"He's a plague on the world... and I'm going to do to him what he did to me."

"But... how?" I whispered, afraid Luke could be listening right now and Cameron gave a small smirk. He slowly levitated a flask with a shiny purple serum within it before us and it actually had light glow off it.

"What power is that...?" I whispered in astonishment and Cameron only smiled at me as if he knew something I did not.

"You mean, what power is it not?" He said and stood before us, opening his hands just beneath it as it floated there from his telekinesis.

"It's the antidote..."

"Antidote?" I uttered, very confused, "To what...?"

"To all the powers."

Me and Podge only stared at him half-dazed, still not understanding. Cameron only chuckled softly and said as it rotated around so we could get a good look at it in all its glory.

"It takes away any power you may have... and turns you back to a normal human."

"Really...?" Padraig said in awe and Cameron only looked at him, winking as he said.

"Except you Podge. You'll never be normal."

Padraig's face fell as I snickered without control at Cameron's words.

"Well... let's not take that right now," Padraig only replied, a bit sourly, and nudged his head back towards the locked cottage door, "Let's first try out these goodies inside."

"Padraig, you read my mind."

"Not yet, but I will once you give me the damn serum."

We all laughed until Podge suddenly pulled a straight face again and demanded, "No, but seriously... the gifts, please."