Lük and Bea are outside a store sipping slushies. After Lük has finished his slushy, he crushes the plastic cup with his forehead and throws it on the road, while Bea gets brain freeze after sipping it too fast. She collapses on the ground after feeling the effects of the brain freeze. "Jesus, take it easy, red.", said Lük. But Bea can't respond due to the brain freeze.

Suddenly, several running people pass Lük and Bea. They all say "He's coming! He's coming!". "Who's coming?", asked Lük. "Haven't you heard? The greatest archangel of all time is coming back!", said a background character. "What greatest archangel?", asked Lük.

Cutting to the news. "Archangel Maxamillius. Perhaps, the greatest, most spectacular, most famous, most fearless and hottest archangel in all of heaven will be returning today.", said Halory (pronounced hay-lo-ree) Swanson. "That's right, Halory. Archangel Maxamillius is famous for leading the Angelic Guard to victory in countless battles against, sea monsters, land monsters, and let's not forget the great war between angels and demons which resulted in several hundred thousands casualties. He was even responsible for foiling the undercover work of Satan's second-in-command, Adolf Hitler, when Hitler tried to steal plans of a super-destructive weapon.", said Angelo (pronounced ain-jel-o) Johnson. "I need to ask, Angelo. Why did God Almighty even have plans for a super-destructive weapon.", said Halory. "It must be his impulsive purchasing addiction.", said Angelo before being struck by lightning. "I withdraw my previous comment.", said Angelo.

At the church, Reverend Lee Roy Jinkins is holding a sermon. "...And so today, we must worship a very holy figure. The one who gave us life. The one who we always follow since our first breaths into this world. I'm speaking od course about... Archangel Maxamillius!", he said before the crowd cheered unexpectedly.

Later, all of heaven is awaiting the arrival of Archangel Maxamillius. Lük and Bea decide to tag along. "Wow, a shitload of folks turned up just to see some guy with wings?", asked Lük. "Some guy?!", said a background character. "That guy is our biggest idol ever." "Yeah, Lük. After all, he did save us from sea monsters one time.", said Bea. "Pfft, I really find that hard to believe. This Maxamillius guy thinks he's all great and powerful, with his skyrocketing popularity, his enormously good looks, but most importantly, his constant disapproval of me.", said Archangel Grant in a grumpy tone. "Woah, man. Why do you even care what this 'Maxi-minimum' thinks? What the hell's your beef with him?", asked Lük. "My beef is that Maxamillius... is my father!", said Grant. Bea gasps dramatically for 8 seconds before Lük slaps her in the face to snap her out of it.

"When I was a young lad training for the Angelic Guard, I tried so hard to get my father's approval by following in his footsteps. I tried to show him that I was capable of anything, from sword fighting, to aerial battles, to impressing the ladies, but he was always so busy 'inspring' his 'loyal' fans.", said Grant. The flashback shows Grant accidentally stabbing a fellow trainee, crashing into other angels in the sky and receiving a phone number from a very old woman. "At the ceremony where my father chose his successor, that was the day I knew never to trust my flesh and blood again.", said Grant. In the flashback, Maxamillius says "You brave, young angels have come this far, worked very hard, and sacrified quality time with your families to become strong and bloodthirsty warriors. But one of you will walk out, a fearless leader. Which is why I have officially named my successor as the new archangel and new Angelic Guard captain to be..." Grant was getting excited to be named angelic guard captain until, "...Sebastian!", said Maxamilllius as he named Sebastian, a black angel to be named captain. Grant was shocked and upset. "Excuse me, father. What about me?! Why didn't you pick your own offspring?", he said. "I'll tell you why, because you are unfocused, laidback and completely full of yourself. And that's why I chose this other guy who's way better than you.", said Maxamillius. "Fine! Have it your way! You are no longer my father!", said Grant before running away crying.

"Wait, your dad chose someone else over you to be archangel? So how did you even get the job?", said Lük. "Oh, you see. Sebastian died from his first battle after being eaten alive by a land monster. It only lasted 20 seconds, then God appointed me as the archangel thereafter.", said Grant. "Damn. It sucks to be you, man.", Lük said to Grant.