Trumpets are playing as the arrival of former archangel Maxamillius nears. Maxamillius is seen flying in the air and makes a dramatic entrance by using pyrotechnics and landing hard and says, "Maxamillius is back, bay-bay!" Everyone cheers for the return of Maxamillius, all except for Grant, Maxamillius' son.

"Maxamillius, we, the elites of heaven welcome you back to our sacred holy land.", said God Almighty. "And by you, God, it's damn right great to be back.", said Maxamillius. "We hope you enjoy your return visit here.", said Jesus Christ. "Well, of course I will. After all, I do miss all these young, vulnerable inhabitants of this great-", said Maxamillius before he spotted Lük in the crowd. "... SCOTT, IT'S A DEMON!", he said before running towards Lük, pinning him down and pointing his sword at him. "Hey! What the fuck?", said Lük. "Don't fear, my people. I will vanquish this beast to an eternity of certain death.", said Maxamillius. "Please kill him, oh great Maxamillius.", said Reverend Jinkins. "No! Don't kill him, Mr Maxamillius, sir.", said Bea. "Back away, lady. Cant you see I'm about to free our land from this spawn of Satan.", said Maxamillius. "But Mr Maxamillius, that spawn of Satan is my best friend.", said Bea. "Your whaaa-", said Maxamillius. "The young lady speaks the truth, I'm afraid.", said Jesus. "What? Is this true, God?", asked Maxamillius. "Yeeeaaahh. I forgot to mention the fact that this demon is now living in heaven.", said God. "Yeah, and he would never kill any of us.", said Bea. "Uh, red. That might not be true cos I'm about to kill this prick if he doesn't get off me.", said Lük. "Yeah, uh, Max. I think it's best just to spare his life.", said God. "Really? Oh, whatever you say, God.", said Maxamillius when he put his sword down and got off of Lük. "Don't you ever do that again, you giant piece of shit.", said Lük.

Grant approaches his father. "Hello, father.", said Grant. "Well, well, well. If it ain't my no-good, egomaniacal son." said Maxamillius. "Oh, please. You're twice as egomaniacal as I am." said Grant. Maxamillius is looking at himself in a mirror. "My god, you're beautiful.", he said to himself. Bea approaches Maxamillius and says, "Excuse me, Mr Maxamillius. Can I have your autograph?", she said while holding a picture of Maxamillius. "Well, sure, young lady." said Maxamillius while signing the picture. "In fact, I have another special place to sign my autograph on." he said when he signed Bea's top right breast. "Wow. thanks, Maxamillius.", said Bea. Grant was shocked by what he saw, so he confronted his own father. "Alright, that's it! First you steal my thunder, now you're stealing the affection of my future wife. You, sir, are a freakin' thief!", said Grant. "Ah, so what? You don't even deserve any women, not with your lame pickup lines and those pathetic seduction techniques of yours.", said Maxamillius. "I'll have you know my seduction techniques are more effective on any woman than yours.", said Grant. "Yes. Only on the seniors.", said Maxamillius. "{gasp} How dare you?!", said Grant. "Um, should we do something, Lük?", said Bea. "Nah. I like to see where this goes.", said Lük. "You do this to me every time. You've never appreciated me not one single bit. You've never been proud of me!", said Grant. "You shouldn't even be proud of yourself. I mean, look at you. You weren't even supposed to be my successor in the first place.", said Maxamillius. "You take that back!", said Grant when he and Maxamillius were about to tussle. "Alright! Alright! Let's not give in to some dark temptations. After all, the bible does say bear with each other and forgive one another.", said Jesus. "We will not forgive each other.", said Maxamillius and Grant before they both walked out from each other.

"Oh, boy. I can't wait to see how this will go down. I will enjoy every minute of it.", said Lük. Bea was looking concerned when she saw both Maxamillius and Grant walk away from each other. She felt like she needed to butt in.