"MAY!" Rhyai shoulder and grabbed her rifle and shot the two men who came close, grabbing mayhem and dragging her behind cover, as the sounds of a firefight could be heard and the incoming military men were shot in the back, dropping to the ground with burn marks on their armor, as women kicked their heads away, and strolled towards Them.

"Omega Stryker, guard my back, it may be clear, but we never Know and might need a way out" She yelled, and walked right past them.

"Of curse Havoc," they said in unison, and she sighed before turning around, and walked right to their cover pushing the box away, and bending down, holstering her weapons, Placing a hand On Mays wound, she used pressure from her armored hand to stem the blood flow and looked at Rhyai. "It'll be alright, it didn't hit her in the chest, only the shoulder, thank heavens" She Spoke looking at Rhyai, looking at her softly. One of the men grinned, and pulled a sticker out, slapping it On the wall.

"There," he said looking satisfied, "Now they know we were here" She sighed and kept putting pressure on the wound