Well it's time for the 2nd chapter, this is gonna be another explanation chapter with no appearance from the actual characters of this story which normally I often prefer to do these 'Explanation Chapters' over actual story chapters (Must be my Inner David Attenborough wanting to be a nature documentary host) but this one was both covering old ground, how the various Humanimals became segregated and then touching on a touchy subject, Humanimal Autism or 'Gaia's Touch'

And so…After the Humanimals were released from the ship by the Neo-Hippies and told them to 'Be Fruitful and multiply…"

But that first night they couldn't stop talking about what was told to them at the end of the filmstrip, that they were exactly like humans in every way when they could all see that was literally not the case, they could do things humans couldn't do…Like fly…And breath underwater depending on what kind of Humanimal you were.

And maybe they would have eventually gone to the Humans to ask them what they actually meant if it weren't for one Humanimal…A Black Cat-Man who never took a name and to the day he died would only be known as…The Black Cat…When he was watching the Film Strip, he felt something none of the other Humanimals felt watching the history of Humanity's achievements…He felt bitter envy and a sense and an inferiority complex that he couldn't evolve to intelligence on his own like the Humans that he had to rely on another's species' help to able to comprehend such concepts as 'Fire can be harnessed for warmth and cooking food' and even 'Doing your business in the woods is disgusting' yes it may never be quite clear why the Black Cat alone out the millions of Humanimals brought to Mizzer felt this way maybe when he was being transformed into a Humanimal by 'The Cauldron' (The Giant Machine that transforms normal animals into Humanimals) the machine might have briefly 'hiccupped' causing a flaw in the transformation process or maybe that particular cat was already a bit nasty even as an ordinary animal…A foul, bitter alley that at this early stage in the development of Humanimals…The Crystal Meteorite in the Machine that was actually the one creating the Humanimals had not yet foreseen the potential of and thus didn't feel the need to work extra hard to 'sweeten' the animal's nature.

But whatever it was the Black Cat didn't feel good about the fact humans had created him, no he only felt shame at the fact he, born a dumb animal was so inferior to these great beings and so he felt their evolving to their level was them pitying him.

He had been thinking while the other Humanimals were talking and when his eyes snapped open he proclaimed his 'revelation' that what the Humans meant is that the Humanimals WOULD be like Humans in every way if they stop doing anything remotely animal-like…Nothing with wings can fly, no tails must wag, no animal noises can be made only then will they 'metamorphosis' into true human beings.

So the Humanimals began practicing, thinking they couldn't show their faces to the Humans until they had transformed into Humans…Whenever Humans asked what they were doing the Humanimals would reply they couldn't be with the humans until they were 'ready' haven taken the Black Cat's word for gospel believing that was what the humans' truly wanted of them…For a Humanimal lives to serve humans, so when the Neo-Hippies just let them out with no instruction the Humanimals were horribly confused and tried to find instruction in the words of the Filmstrip.

The Black Cat lived a surprisingly long time for a Feline Humanimal…One hundred years…And over that time he had been more or less the leader for all the Humanimals…Seen three generations grow and the birth of the fourth one (That probably is because Humanimals tend to breed young, like right out of High School and it's not just because they are incurably lustful, a lot of species particularly those from short lived small animals, while most have the average Human Lifespan of 80 years, the Females have a shorter window of fertility in their lives…While for humans it starts getting dangerous to have children past 35 for Humanimals derived from rodents, Mustelids and even small ungulates like pigs 30 is the number with some species basically having hit the wall by the time they reach the 3-0 a lot of these species have an earlier puberty too. Probably the only species that totally don't have this problem are the long lived species like Elephants and Giant Tortoises.

But anyway very early on, the Humanimals, after years of repressing all their animal instincts and seeing no progress for it…Began to taunt each other over various perceived 'defects' on how they could never become human

'Oh look at that giant nose! You'll never become human with a nose like that!'

'What are you doing soaking in the water? You'll never become human if you indulge your animal instincts!'

And so on and so forth soon these taunts led to brawls and it soon became to clear to keep the peace the Humanimals had to be separated from each other…Creatures similar to each other would be grouped together, thus the Birds with the Birds, the Reptiles and Amphibians with their kind…For the Mammals, the Barnyard Mammals were in the Livestock District, Mammals native to North America and Europe were placed in the Woodland Mammal District, and Mammals native to everywhere else were placed in the Tropical Mammal District.

The Domestic Cats and Domestic Dogs because there were so many of them because of all their varied breeds got their own districts where they had the luxury of only seeing members of their own species.

(Incidentally the Domestic Cats and Dogs were frequently the ones who started the taunting wars in the first place…Possibly because they were envious of the Monkeys and Apes who they feared had the best chance of transforming into Humans so they lashed out at the wild animals is desperation)

The Black Cat on his deathbed, made a slight 'adjustment' to his original idea without completely recanting…He suggested that instead they were to transform into Humans 'mentally'

But when that idea was announced to the rest of the Humanimals that made even less sense than the physical transformation! After some 'kerfuffles' it would soon be decided to never again speak of the original prophecy of turning into humans…But it still colored their thinking the Humanimals still lived in segregated districts terrified of the other districts for vague reasons for their parents could never truly explain to them why…And children would be scolded and beaten for going on all fours, letting slip an animal noise and doing anything remotely animal-like would be met with 'Stop acting like an animal!' The children were told they had to act like humans to please the glorious humans who created them…Even though they still never were to meet the Humans on the other side no matter how human-like they acted, they were always to be ashamed because their tails swayed when they walked and long ears flapped in the breeze they were to be forever ashamed because they did not resemble humans in every way

(It was like the worst of the Puritans and the Victorians combined)

Finally after five thousand years things were starting to get better…Starting one hundred years ago the Insects and other Invertebrates stopped caring about the fact they would never become human, next were the fishes and other 'water peoples' then the Bird Districts and the Reptile and Amphibian Districts, then the Livestock, Tropical Mammal and Woodland Mammal Districts finally the curse was just beginning to lift from the Domestic Cat and Dog Districts ever so slowly…And that was the time Andi was born…In the humble little town of Bluebell located in the Fertile Valley on the Western Coast of Mizzer Western Continent where the Earthlings first landed.

Here is something else you need to know about Humanimals, despite the fact Humans think they created them with science, it is actually magic, a combination of Fairy and Divine Magic that transforms animals into Humanimals…They Crystal Meteorite is actually an intelligent alien rock…Like the one on Star Trek that called humans 'ugly bags of mostly water' this alien rock is a lot less rude and a bit more divine as this one is as old as the universe itself and was sent by Heaven to create Humanimals to help Humans and all other intelligent life forms…

Anyway the Mizzer Humanimals five thousand years of unbroken line from the Cauldron Born Humanimals first brought to the Planet with no new Cauldron-Born Humanimals introduced to 'Freshen-Up' the bloodlines we can see what five thousand years of evolution away from the original source of the magic can do to Humanimals…Little by little the magic began to wear down…Mostly this just meant the Humanimals were not so supernaturally beautiful as the first Humanimals who popped out of the machines fused with Fairy Glamour were, also they weren't so supernaturally sweet and servile…A lot of them were just…Jerks…But also increasingly Cubs were being born with something Humanimals on other planets called 'Gaia's Touch' as they believed it was a blessing from Mother Earth herself but the Humanimals on Mizzer called them 'Genetic Throwbacks' Humanimals born with a lot more animal instincts, not so much they can't act civilized at all, in fact most of them can be quite erudite when they put in the effort, but that's just it…It's a lot more effort for them not to indulge their animal instincts…Like High Functioning Autism/Asperger's' Syndrome Humanimals with Gaia's Touch have their brains wired differently that causes them to struggle to understand the social cues of 'civilized behavior' and instead those with Gaia's Touch tend to rely on their animal instincts more particularly when they're stressed…This can frequently result in 'Meltdowns' with can be a lot more dangerous in a Humanimal than it is for a Human having a meltdown because most humans don't have fangs and claws, venom or simply weigh 13, 000 pounds.

But it really is a double edged sword because the same thing that strengthens the animal instincts also frees up the imagination…For you see the Crystal Meteorite impairs most Humanimals' ability to imagine so they cannot become too powerful with their innate magic, so that they will remain a little dependant on the humans, like the spike that was put through the heels of Oedipus so he would always walk with a limp, this mental handicap gives most Humanimals a very limited imagination.

Not so with Humanimals with Gaia's Touch on most other planets these Humanimals often become the artists of their societies but on Mizzer where so much emphasis was put on conformity they struggled.

Gaia's Touch are the High Functioning Autistics of the Humanimals world…What are the low functioning Autistics? Those are what Humanimals on other planets call 'Flukes' Humanimals who tend to murder their fellow Humanimals until they are put out of everyone else's misery Flukes are when a Humanimal can't reconcile their human and animal sides and the result is murderous psychosis as they try to make the pain stop.

So ended up divulging more Humanimal history than I originally intended but fortunately with all that out of the way we can finally begin talking about our Heroine next chapter