OK this is where I finally begin the story of our heroine, in the Geometry Blaster game it seems Andi and her family actually live in a Trailer as the sign designating it 'Andi's Place' as 'Place' being slang for where one lives implies it isn't they're just on a camping trip or they have Trailer and Andi likes to hang out in it, looking back this is a surprisingly positive depiction of people who live in trailers (I mean we say 'Trailer Trash' for a reason) but then again maybe we were slightly less judgmental about certain things in the 90s and 80s like I saw one episode of the 80s Cartoon Sylvanian Families where it introduces the 'Kid of the Week' Katie living in a Trailer, when I was a little kid I believed living in a trailer would be cool 'Your house has wheels! You can take it wherever you want!' Then I realized it would be smaller than a house to the point you might not have your own room….Or it could be in Geometry Blaster since most of the locations in the game were CGI the animators just got lazy and didn't want to design an entire house so they went with a trailer.

So anyway Andi…Andi was born in the town of Bluebell in the Bluebell Hospital for Humanimals…Her Mother was a blue colored Great Dane, and her Dad was like that ancient ancestor fawn colored with a black muzzle, Andi inherited her colors from him.

For the first few years they lived in a one story house in the suburbs of the Domestic Dog District of Bluebell, it soon became clear to the parents when Andi became old enough to walk on her hind legs and talk that she wasn't like other puppies, when they through her birthday parties inviting other neighborhood puppies, Andi didn't seem to understand the party games and didn't seem to like hanging around other puppies, she seemed to be quite the loner…She was seemed her happiest when she was alone to think her own thoughts, after watching TV, either a kid's TV show or one of the VHS tapes with Disney movies or other shows for kids, Andi would often go into the backyard and just walk back and forth thinking to herself…They had no idea what she was thinking but as Andi was thinking about what she had just seen on the TV, her brain was beginning to cook up the beginnings of imaginary adventures.

She would often look to the left, beyond the backyard fence where there were two spruce trees standing next to each other swaying in the breeze and Andi would be mesmerized by those two trees in her young mind she was beginning to get a sense of awe about how amazing and beautiful this world truly is.

She was pretty happy in Pre-School even if she didn't really have any friends among her Fellow Puppies, really she lived to play on the playground equipment and to read all the beautiful picture books in the classroom, she would often read the books of exotic wild animals, and ask why there were none of these animals living with them and she would always get the same response 'Because we're dogs! We live in the dog district! The other Humanimals live in their districts!'

Then came Kindergarten, the first school they put her in, she had a miserable time…They quickly took her out of that school and put her in another, one with a special needs classroom for kindergarten and slightly older children and that was a much more pleasant experience, the different kids rotated at the ringing of a bell between actually doing school work like learning writing and math and between actually learning there was watching TV (With headphones so the other children learning wouldn't be distracted) and then just playing games on the computer, most often after lunch all the children watched TV either a kid's movie of some sort or some educational video like stuff from PBS.

Eventually all good things must come to an end at third grade Andi could no longer stay at this classroom and she returned to the first school where they had a special needs classroom for older children, there she was horribly bullied because they could see she was easily agitated.

Meanwhile, her Dad, who worked as an Actuarial Consultant in a company staffed entirely by Dogs, was being given a Proposition by his Boss.

"You're one of our best workers." Said his Boss ironically, a dinky Yorkshire terrier staring up at his giant Great Dane employee "There is a new town being built on the other side of the New Rocky Mountains…"

(Mizzer's Western Continent even after five thousand years was not even close to being fully colonized because Mizzer has far more land than Earth the Western Continent has twice as much land as the Americas and so many of the things are much more intimidating than on Earth, Forests with trees like Skyscrapers, Mountains three times as high as Mount Everest, not to mention hostile wildlife, so it took most of those five thousand years just to get settlements from 'Sea to Shining Sea' most of that was in a straight line to easily contact the other settlements, South the Equator was currently uninhabitable because there was wildlife even MORE ferocious than that in the temperate areas, so far most of the new exploration had been pushing North where there were less deadly alien animals but the winters were fierce so you can imagine not many cold blooded animals or Tropical animals volunteered for settling the Far North.

This new town simply on the opposites of the New Rockies in the same level as the Original Fertile Valley the Earthlings first landed in was simply doing the job of filling out more of the land known to be habitable with more civilization as actually the largest cluster of population outside of the Fertile Valley was to the North and East in an area known as 'The New Great Lakes' even though the lakes had to be manufactured it became an popular area for farming particularly dairy farming.

It was a land of lush prairies in the shadow of the great mountains, an ideal habitat for many Humanimals but Andi's Dad was horrified because a town that was still being constructed meant all the different Humanimal Species mingled with each other…That meant living among Humanimals that weren't dogs.

"You work with clients who aren't dogs all the time." His Boss said

"And I hate every moment of it." Andi's Dad said "But I put up with it because it's my job and…"

"Mr. Dewclaw!" His Boss snapped "These people developing the new town need an actuarial consultant! That's why I'm sending you and your family over there…"

And so the Dewclaw family were to be moved to where they were developing a new town on the other side of the New Rockies…And Andi discovered she liked this new place far more than Bluebell! Here their were Cubs of all species and all the Cubs seemed nicer, they didn't bully her for being different…

They now lived in a Trailer and while the smaller space did take some getting accustomed to (Particularly since they were such large dogs!) Andi felt liberated instead of classrooms in this strange new place she had a Private Tutor provided to her and she learned better when she had one on one experience with the teacher instead of having to compete with the other students.

That's all for this chapter