I remember the first time I saw the first All Dogs Go To Heaven sequel during a trip to a family friend's house that was among their collection of kids movies, looking back while it wasn't the worst DTV Sequel it still paled in comparison to the original but at the time I thought it was really cool, while Heaven wasn't as whimsical and mystical as it appeared in the first film, it still looked majestic if more realistic…All those puffy white clouds, thinking about them on the plane ride home I had the 'It's Too Heavenly Here' song playing in my head all through the ride home

As the vision faded, Andi looked at the Whippet Angel.

"That Dog was my ancestor…" Andi said "…I can believe it he was a lot like Dad."

"That Great Dane would later become the Black Cat's partner in dividing up the Humanimals into different districts." Said the Whippet Angel, making sure the Domestic Cats and Dogs got districts all to themselves…"

"So…" Andi said feeling as if a great burden had been placed on her shoulders "…My family is the reason all the Humanimals are separated from each other…"

"Dear Andi, don't fret." The Whippet Angel said "The separating was mostly the Black Cat's idea your ancestor was mostly just helping him enforce it…And no one today remembers your ancestor participated in separating the species because no one remembers the Black Cat!"

"Why does no one remember the Black Cat?" Andi asked "And doesn't he have a name?"

"He never took a name for himself…" The Whippet Angel said "…He felt he couldn't take a Human Name for himself until he came a human being, since he never transformed into a human he died without a name thus making it easier for him to be forgotten as he had no official name on records…"

"Why was he forgotten but my ancestor not so much?" Andi asked

"Well for one thing your ancestor got married and started a family, which the Black Cat did not." The Whippet Angel said "So your ancestor got remembered because he became part of a family tree in the Mizzer Genealogy records…The Black Cat once again was ashamed of the fact he wasn't human felt he couldn't take a mate and have children until he had transformed into a human…Of course on the day he lay dying still as a Cat-Man as he was surrounded by his closest followers, all Domestic Cat-People…He slightly changed his theory without completely renouncing it…He suggested that perhaps the Humanimals were only to transform into Humans mentally as opposed to physically, when his followers announced this change in the prophecy to the rest of the Humanimals...everyone was furious because this made even less sense than transforming into Humans physically! As long as they had tails they would want to wag, as long as they had wings they would want to fly! After a few days of trying to live with this new prophecy the Humanimals became frustrated that they would never be able to do what

T they believed what the Humans wanted of them and decided to simply…Give up…They

decided they would just stay in their houses and slowly starve to death…The cries of the babies and small children could be heard from the human side of town…"

The Whippet Angel swirled her paw in the Silver Pool of Water again and Andi saw images of the Neo-Hippie Humans breaking down the doors of the Humanimals which was often incredibly easy as the doors were often rotten from disrepair in fact every Humanimal looked like they had been living in squalor…the yards had gone to weeds, dirty pots and pans piled up in the sink, floors un-swept…Some other really gross things I won't mention…

And to all the Humanimals the Neo-Hippies asked one question

"Dudes, What's going on?!"

With the Neo-Hippies disapproving faces, it became clear to the Humanimal Adults that the Humans must still want them to live for some reason but they were too ashamed and embarrassed to ask what that reason was, they were still too embarrassed to admit they made a mistake or to ask for help, so timidly they began to clean up their homes and feed their children…And the Hippies not knowing what to make of this asked no further questions further evidence Hippies make lousy parents.

As the images in the water faded the Whippet Angel said "They decided to never again mention the Prophecy to Transform into Humans…So the smallest children never heard anything about it although they still got chastised for doing anything animal-like and told they should be ashamed for not being human and so it passed down from generation to generation like a really long game of Telephone each time the message getting more muddled until it was near incomprehensible…"

Andi became really still and quiet and the Whippet Angel decided to change the subject.

"Andi…" The Angel said "…We can hear your wishes and dreams up here and we have heard your daydreams about how you believe that somehow the Humans and Humanimals will get into the sky and when that happens all troubles will be over…Tell me Andi, what do you imagine everyone will do all day? Lie on clouds and eat peeled grapes? There is a reason Heaven is only for the dead…When you're older I'd like you to read the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky I know you are a voracious reader now, but trust me some of his stuff is a little intense…But he believed that if we were given a world where all mortals had to do was eat, drink and see to the reproduction of the species the mortals would begin tearing up the place just so something interesting would happen, that they would be bored with perfection…Because Human beings, and all living creatures are built for trouble…They need solid ground under their feet they can't live in the sky…That's why the Ancestors needed to find a planet to live on instead of just living in the Vacuum of space even creatures that fly need to come down to roost…"

So here is me getting a bit philosophical these stories are kind of my way of sorting out how I feel about life