Anna Fell

Jacob Boone

It was a wonderous summer day.

The weather brought with it memories of spring.

With an hour left to herself before having to return to work, Anna ventured outside to enjoy the beginning of her morning.

A short walk would do just fine.

Maybe even a jog.

After all, the healthier we are, the less burden we place on each other as all of us move forward into tomorrow.

Yet there are forces beyond our control which seem intent on ruining us.

Anna tripped over herself, falling hard on her knees against the cool sidewalk.

There was no one to blame.

Devoid of a soul, the cement reacted as it naturally would, cutting into her skin.

A wince.

But no tears.

She could not feel sorry for herself.

It would do her no good.

Anna would not let it get the best of her.

She continued forward, bearing red marks of honor for the world to admire.