Joseph Girouard has claimed that the mysterious area in the North Atlantic Ocean has been responsible for the unexplained loss of around 100 aircraft and sea vessels. If the satellite images are to be believed, the hexagonal-shaped clouds can explain the destruction in the Bermuda Triangle. Such kinds of clouds also appear off the coast of the United Kingdom in the North Sea, and radar images of the seas under the clouds showed incredibly high winds and massive waves.

"It's really bizarre, the hexagonal shapes of the cloud formations," Joseph Girouard said. "I think these types of hexagonal shapes over the ocean are in essence air bombs." He further explained that they are formed by what are called microbursts (microbursts are blasts of air that come down out of the bottom of the cloud and then hit the ocean and create waves).

He is also claiming that hexagonal clouds and "air bombs" are to blame for the series of disappearances in the notorious and legendary Bermuda triangle.

About Joseph Girouard

Joseph Girouard is the director of the meteorology department at Arizona State University and he has discovered the secret to the mysterious disappearances, sinking and crashes that have occurred in the famous region east of the Bahamas. He has been involved in several types of research about the existence of this mystery called Bermuda Triangle.

Joseph is not only the director of a university meteorology department but - maybe more notably - he's also the lead reporter on extreme records for the United Nations' World Meteorological Organization. He is a reputed personality who has the final say on whether an extreme weather report is actually a world record.