Chapter 8: The Burning Field

The sound of engines ripped through the water as splashes were made in the wake of jet skis, racing through the lake towards the farm. Nick, Jed and Conner were on their way as the field was on fire next to the house. It became hotter as they grew closer and they saw Jamie try to put the fire out with buckets of water, running back and forth from the shore. He was panicking and almost stumbled as he ran across the burning grass.

"Jamie!" Jed shouted as he jumped off the jet ski and flew over to grab his brother.

"Oh Jed, it's horrible!" Jamie cried in Jed's arms.

"I know, it's fine, we're here." Jed said as he carried Jamie to the house away from the raging flames.

Nick ran up the shore to the field as he conjured water magic out of two seashells he held in his hands. Water streamed out of them as the fire sizzled and steam rose up into the sky. Conner scouted the place, in search of monsters that may have caused the fire. He went around the back of the field as Nick stood in the center, controlling the flames with jets of water magic, bringing down the inferno, bit by bit. Jed was sitting on the glider with Jamie as he cried, just watching the flames destroy their field. Jed rubbed Jamie's shoulder as he leaned against him to comfort.

"I don't know what happened." Jamie said.

"The elements must be out of control, there is only one left to find." Jed said.

"Elements? What are you looking for?" Jamie asked.

"Magic to break the ice wall around Castro." Jed said.

"There is an ice wall around Castro?! Where is Meta?" Jamie asked.

"Trapped inside, but we will take the wall down." Jed said.

"Oh no! You must save him! You must be happy together!" Jamie exclaimed.

"Of course we will mister." Jed said as he kissed Jamie's head.

"Yay! You are so brave big Jed!" Jamie said happily.

"I would do anything for him, and you." Jed smiled at Jamie.

"He is lucky. Will Nick be able to clear the flames?" Jamie asked.

"Of course, with our new powers we can do anything." Jed said.

"Cool! Do I get any powers?" Jamie giggled.

"It's possible, since the rest of us got them." Jed said.

"How exciting!" Jamie said.

Things seemed calm now that Nick finished clearing the flames with new found water power. The field was like a foggy graveyard, filled with steam, dead grass and charred wood from the fence and chicken coop. Conner came to Nick's side as they looked around. The steam started to clear around them as the smell of embers filled their noses. The fires were gone, but this wasn't the end of the fight. Standing before them, was a large anthropomorphic bear with flames raging on it's head, green roses on it's ears, a furry black cowl and green pants. It gazed down at then with fiery eyes, red flames around them like eye shadow to decorate them. This was the beast that caused the fire, the monster known as Jungleferno.

"Jed, we have a problem here!" Nick shouted.

Damn, a monster made of fire and nature?" Jed pondered.

"Will they be able to defeat it? It's scary!" Jamie said.

"You know they will, to protect our home and save our boy." Jed said.

"Yay! I miss Meta." Jamie said as he snuggled in close.

Jed held Jamie tight as they watched Nick and Conner face off against the terrible burning jungle bear in the dead field. Conner leaped up in the sky as Nick blasted a steam of water at the monster. The bears crossed his claws in front as a green shield manifested and blocked the water magic, vaporizing it completely. Conner shot a few bolts of shadow magic at it, hitting the beast clean in the head. It stumbled back a bit, then came charging forth at Nick with a claw above it's head.

"Nick, watch out!" Conner shouted.

"Dammit!" Nick yelled out as he slide to one side on an icy wave, created by his element.

The Jungleferno came down as it hit the ground with a massive claw, bring up bits of dirt and embers around it. Nicholas brought his two seashells together as he created a massive geyser from out of the pond next to the bear, raining down on it as steam formed from it's head as the flaming hair was put out. The bear growled as it pulled it's claw out of the ground and turned to the water master. It charged forth as Conner came down to defend Nick, landing in front of him. Conner smiled as Nick's heart started to race, this was it, this moment that could change everything.

"Conner, no!" Nick shouted.

Without hesitation, the Jungleferno swung it's claw forward as it slashed Conner right across the chest and sent him flying backwards into the heart tree. Nick watched as the boy was hurled across the field, hearing his screams of pain as he fell limp over the center of the heart, lifeless. They could hear Jamie's cries in the distance as Nick turned quickly to create an ice shield in front of him to block the bears next attack, clawing at him. He held it up as he pushed back the bear with great force, he was determined to take down this monster and defend his home. He brought his hand to his side as he held his leash holder tight. It turned to ice as he gripped it tight then swung his arm out as an icy chain was released from it, circling arund the bears neck. It latched on as the bear struggled to get free, but Nicholas held strong, planting his feet in the hot ground, trying to control the jungle monster.

"I won't let you destroy our home, beast!" Nick shouted.

It growled as cold energy flowed through the chain to cool down the bear. It continued to struggle as it grabbed the chain to try and pull Nick off his feet. Jamie closed his eyes in terror as the magic of nature surrounded him. A strange red glow came from within his heart as roots below the Jungleferno grabbed it's feet to keep him still. It was Jamie, who had the final element, nature. Nick pulled hard on the chain as he gained the strength of Jamie's nature magic, he started to glow red too. The beast came down hard as Nick pulled on the chain with great strength, his muscles rippled and teeth grinded as he grunted like he was giving it to some boy. The Jungleferno made one last attempt as he conjured a circle of flaming coconuts around it and shot them at Nick. Each one slammed against the frozen shield, until the last one hit and the shield shattered into many icy shards. Nick fell back as he brought down the bear to the ground at last. Jamie's roots turned into vines and wrapped around the monster completely, immobilizing it. The chain broke as Nick fell to his knees and looked up to see the bear crumble into dust back into the earth, along with the vines and roots attached to it.

"Conner!" Nick yelled as he came to the boys side.

Nick wrapped his arms around Conner and pulled him up out of the tree and into his arms as they fell to the ground. He wasn't moving or breathing at all. Nick placed a hand on his face as he sighed in sorrow, a single tear ran down his cheek. He closed his eyes as he sat there simply holding Conner, as the Devil came out of him and his skin returned to normal. The small creature looked up as it held Conner's hand. Jamie got up and walked towards the dead field and stood in the center of it as he stared over at Nick and Conner on the ground. He looked around at the chaos and damage and sat there in the grass. Jed came over and leaned against the fence and watched. Jamie closed his eyes as he brought his hands together. He glowed red as a strange apple creature came to his side. A feeling came over Jed as he saw the place begin to sprout tiny red lights from beneath. The magic of Jamie's nature element surrounded the place, bring forth life and growth. The grass became greener, the trees started to grow back and red flowers started to peek out from the ground. Jamie was the final element to break the spell, nature and life. Conner began to glow red as his heart started beating and life flowing back to him again. He opened his eyes and looked up at Nick. Nick smiled and hugged the boy tight, relieved he was alright and back to life.

"Good job Jamie." Jed said to himself.

A red bird flew down and landed on Jamie's shoulder as he opened his eyes and was filled with joy. He looked over at Conner and smiled as a peaceful serene magic swept over him. Birds chirped in the distance as life was brought back to the farm. Now it was time to get back to the ice wall and finish the spell. They all missed Meta very much and couldn't wait to see him again.