Chapter 9: The Fleshravager

The ice wall stood before them as Nick, Jed, Conner and Jamie made their way back to Castro. Frosty air surrounded the wall as the magic started to get stronger and the inside get colder. Meta waved to them as Jed came up to him and smiled. He had a huge smile on his face as he looked back at the one he fell in love with and knew that everything was going to be fine. Jed placed a hand on the cold wall as so did Meta.

"I love you Meta Fae McCullen." Jed said.

"I love you Jed Fae McCullen." Meta said.

Meta's hand glowed orange as he gave Jed the wind element for a moment as the Clouffant appeared out of a small cloud and hovered above. Jed nodded as he went back to the others to prepare to break the cursed wall. In each hand, Jed took both elements of fire and wind to create lightning. Clouds in the sky formed as it became darker and thunder struck in the distance. Nick closed his eyes as he felt the coldness of the wall, his home covered in darkness, but the waters flowed through him, calming his soul. Conner knelt down as he felt the earth below him rumble, the foundation of all the elements to keep them stable. Jamie put his hands together as the wind circled around them and red flowers began to rise up out of the ground. They had all the magic they needed to do this, they were one. They felt the power surge through them as their monsters shot elemental beams at the wall together one one spot, creating a rainbow of colors, filled with light and love. Meta was on the other side as he concentrated along with them, his angel wings sprouted from his back and orange hair blew up from the force.

"Please, let these elements take out this dark magic surrounding Castro. We won't let anyone cause chaos or harm to the place we love. I came here and I found love, I found friends, I found a home that means everything to me now. The darkness has lifted and all that is left is love, light, hope." Jed stated.

"Live..." Nick said..

"Laugh.." Meta said.

"Love..." Jamie said.

Conner smiled as tears poured down his face, staring at the colorful beams of light cracking the ice wall. They pushed with all their hearts, but it didn't seem like enough to break through. Something was missing... someone was missing. Jed thought about everyone he loved, to bring forth his heart and magic, but still the wall wouldn't break. He thought something was missing, he knew someone was missing. The one person who showed him what love truly is, showed him what tolerance was, even through the hurt and the bad times, showed him what loyalty was, a true friend. Jed had enough of friends leaving his life, tired of the pain he felt before coming here and this is where that stopped. He found someone true and pure. He found a brother...

"Knoxy..." Jed said.

A hand touched his shoulder as he turned to see the brother he loved so much beside him. A tear flowed down his face as he stared back at his best friend, someone who meant so much to him. One element was missing from this spell. The infinite love from the universe, deep within the space around us, around all the elements and planets. Knoxy smiled back as he babbled and released a teal beam of pure universal energy right in the center of the rainbow. The ice wall began to crack even more and the space magic from Knoxy to amp up the power of all the other elements. Fire, water, wind, rock, leaf, space. They all combined together to create the perfect family.

"I love you, Jed." Knoxy said.

"I love you Knoxy." Jed said.

Their hearts filled with magic as the ice wall started to melt along the bottom. Cracks formed at the center and grew outward, bigger and bigger. The light got brighter as the ice wall was captured by it's immense beauty. A blast of color radiated outward as the wall was destroyed. The colors faded as Meta stood there on the open road, just staring back at them with pure joy and relief. Nick stepped forward as Meta teared up and ran towards his master. He leaped in his arms and wrapped around Nick. He didn't want to let go and just felt Nick's love fill him once again.

"I've missed you master." Meta said as he cried in Nick's arms.

"I've missed you boy, I love you." Nick said as he held Meta tight, running his hand up and down his back.

Jed stepped into the streets of Castro and looked around for a moment. Knoxy came up next to him and held his hand. Jed just smiled and squeezed it tight. For some reason, things didn't seem like they were over. Meta came up behind Jed and put am arm around his waist. Jed put one around Meta and pulled him close.

"Hubby." Meta said.

"Husband. Nice to see you again my dear." Jed smiled at Meta.

"Thank you, I missed you very much." Meta said as he leaned a head on Jed.

"I missed you both so much! Oh my god!" Knoxy shouted.

"Missed you Knoxy." Jed said.

"So, is it over?" Nick asked as he came up to Meta's side.

"I hope so, goodness." Meta said.

"Well, the ice wall was created by Liam, so we have to find him and stop him!" Knoxy exclaimed.

"True. I fought him a couple times." Meta said.

"He must still be lurking around." Jed said.

"How will we find him Jed?" Meta asked.

"By going through every corner of the city, and make sure there are no remnants of dark magic." Jed said.

"I can't wait! That guy is gonna get it! Nobody messes with my family!" Knoxy shouted.

"You Knoxy have to go back to the farm with Conner and Jamie." Jed said.

Knoxy blinked and stared at Jed, a little sad he couldn't come on the adventure.

"Why?" He asked.

"I need to you keep the home safe for me, because he might go there." Jed said.

"I can do that!" Knoxy said as he bounced around.

Nick came up and hugged Knoxy tight and placed his hands on his face as he pulled away. Jed peered into the city and saw something large wandering through the streets as it's head appeared above the rooftops of the buildings. It had an alien looking head with red spots and a blue tongue sticking out between sharp long teeth.

"Keep our home safe, my boy." Nick said.

"Yes Sir, I will do my best." Knoxy said as he teared up, not wanting to go.

"I love you." Nick said as he kissed Knoxy's forehead.

"I love you Sir." Knoxy said.

Knoxy grabbed Conner and Jamie's hands as he pulled them back home to the farm, running down the street. Nick put his arms around Meta and Jed as they gazed upon the ghost town of Castro. Rumbling could be heard in the distance as the giant Fleshravager stomped through the streets searching for them. It had a massive tail, multiple arms, spikes protruding out it's back and sharp claws for feet. It's body was made of the flesh of former friends, with Liam at it's core, the heart of the beast. Jed, Nick and Meta didn't know what to expect until they came face to face with it at the park, near the spot where they all sat together for the first time.

"How do we stop this thing?" Meta asked.

"You." Jed said as he smiled.

"What? Me?" Meta asked, confused.

"We took down the wall, and our magic is weak, I need you to do this, with our help of course." Jed said as he took Meta's hand.

"You can do this, Meta." Nick said as he took Meta's other hand.

Jed looked at Meta with absolute love and brought out his bear from behind his back and gave it to Meta. Meta took it and smiled and gazed at Jed, the love of his life. Nick came from behind and wrapped his arms around Meta, his other love. His two loves, here with him now, in this moment gave him the ultimate power he needed to be the core of light to destroy the monster, the Fleshravager. The beast looked down at them as it brought both arms down to the ground in one sweeping motion. It let out a loud screech as if people were screaming and being ripped apart, the cries being let out made the others cringe. Meta held out his bear as it's chest formed an orange Sun symbol, letting out a blast of light, shielding from the attack. The Fleshravager shot back and dug a claw into a park bench, smashing it to pieces as colored wood scattered around. Meta rose up as his angel wings flapped and hovered in front of the giant beast. They were white, with golden shoulders on the top of them.

"Heeeee!" Meta shouted as he threw the bear above him as it shot out a massive beam of light towards the Fleshravager.

The monster was blinded by the light and it's skin burned from the blast. Nick and Jed looked up and saw it's body squirm and pulse, as if it contained living being inside of it. It's flesh ripped apart and blood spilled down below onto the trees and grass as familiar faces poked their heads out of the center of it's body. Cries and screams were heard as the Fleshravager was filled with pain, anger and hate. Former friends were infused with the demon, formed together by the darkness and the chaos of the past; Mikey, Pipo, Chris, Rexy and Liam at it's core. The elements of darkness and drama rolled up ito one monstrous form. Mikey looked up at Meta and smiled. Meta was disgusted at the deformed variety of their former friends, their faces melted and fused together in this chaotic mess. Mikey opened his mouth wide as a giant flesh rock shot out of the gaping hole, that didn't look like a mouth anymore. Meta swung his wing out in front of him and blocked it as the rock made of flesh tinged against a metallic orange energy shield and fell to the ground with a hard thump.

"Holy smokers!" Mikey shouted as he face melded back into the beast.

"Oh hell.. what the fuck." Meta said as he cringed at the strange sight of twisting flesh of people he knew and loved once.

Meta flew around a little as he stared at Pipo's head, his hair clumped in front of his face, all wet as if he just got out of the water. A stream of water came out as he opened his mouth and struck Meta in the chest. It wasn't much, so Meta shook it off.

"Oh, so now you want to get me wet?" Meta said as he came up and slash Pipo's head clean off the body with a sharp swift wing strike as an orange light glimmers bright.

Pipo screamed as his head fell to the ground and splattered on the cement path. Meta flew backwards as a raging inferno came at him from one side. It was Chris, his expression angry and horns curved on his head. Another blast of fire came roaring out of the incubus' mouth as Meta cast out an orange light in front to counter it. It was a fight between good and evil as the two energies met in the center. Meta stayed strong as the dark inferno raged on against his light. He pushed forward as the light devoured the dark flames. Chris was nothing but an envious volatile demon, who Jed really cared about once. Meta wasn't having it and poured out all his light to stop this monster. There were no more problems between friends now that these guys were out. The only drama comes from people themself, and the ones who say they don't want it. Meta illuminated the darkness and Chris' head exploded as the light reached it's target.

"Whatever dude..." Meta said.

A long arm reached out and grabbed Meta by the foot. He looked back and saw a stretched out Rexy in his grasp. Meta took out his bear as it started to glow bright orange and raised it above his head. Meta struggled a little in Rexy's grasp as the bear turned a burnt orange color, then tossed it at Rexy's ugly head. It exploded as Rexy's hand let go of Meta and went limp, dangling down off the Fleshravager. The beast hunched back as bluster of wind escaped from where Rexy's head was and created a tornado around Meta. He went whirling around inside the twisting vortex as he shielded himself with his wings. Spinning around and around, he couldn't control the powerful storm.

"Meta!" Nick shouted from below.

"Come on, he needs help!" Jed exclaimed as he flew up itno the tornado.

Nicholas let out his ice chain again at the base of the tornado as it wrapped around the whirling wind. It started to freeze over, climbing up and around in a spiral. Jed flew up in the Fleshravager's face as he stared it down, looking right into it's eyes. He could see Liam inside and Jed smiled. Jed put his arms across his face as he conjured pink and orange flames in each hand. The tornado frozen over as Meta stopped spinning around and broke through the ice.

"Hello Liam, you don't belong here anymore." Jed said as he blast a quick fireball in his face.

The Fleshravager was hit as if fireworks went off in his face, blinded by the light, stumbling backwards. It grabbed a tree with one hand and Jed with another suddenly. Nick noticed and ran up the side of the frozen tornado, then jumped up with leash in hand, ready to latch on to the monster. Another fleshy arm reached out and grabbed Nick, holding him tight, bony fingers wrapped around him. They both struggled as the Fleshravager ha them in his grasp.

"Noooo!" Meta shouted.

"Meta, get him!" Nick yelled as he struggled to break free.

"Baby, you got this!" Jed shouted.

"Master, husband! You let them go, monster!" Meta shrieked.

Meta turned to Liam as he glowed bright orange, his wings fluttered with power, creating wind at his sides. He looked to his sides as he saw Nicholas and Jed in the monsters grasp. The two he loved the most, his heart and his soul. In one hand he conjured a purple star, in the other a pink heart. He stared at Liam as he brought the two forces of love together, creating a powerful ray of light, colored purple, pink and orange. He focused hard with all his love at the monster as it ripped through it's head, bits of flesh and blood splattered every which way. It screamed as it released both Nick and Jed from it's giant claws. They fell safely into the park grass below.

"This is our home, foul beast! I won't let you harm the ones I love most! Fuck off Liam!" Meta shouted as the clouds opened above, a heavenly light shone down on the Fleshravager.

Meta closed his eyes as he spread himself out, his arms and legs stretched as the light came down on him. The monster bubbled and melted away, flesh oozing all through the park and the streets. The darkness faded away and lifted from the city. Liam's spirit vanished back into the void where he belonged. They did what they came to do and saved the city. Meta lowed to the ground and came to his masters side on the ground as the watched the oozing puddle dissipate into the shadows. Nick held Meta tight as his wings vanished and his power drained from the fight. Jed crawled over and laid with them in the park, his wonderful family.

"I love you both." Meta said as he curled up in Nick's lap.

"Love you more, always and forever." Nick said as he put an arm around his boy.

"Love you baby." Jed said as he fell back into the grass and looked up at the two.

The sky lit up shades of pink, orange and purple as they sat there in the park. A warm breeze blew passed them as they had a moment of peace. The monsters they carried made their way back into the realm of elementals as their power wasn't needed anymore, for the time being. Jed smiled as he got up and snuggled in close, resting his head on Nick and putting an arm around Meta. This was the purest of love. None of them could live without each other. Now, it was time to head home back to the farm where the others were waiting, the rest of the family. Jed whistled as he called in his strider birds to ride them back. A gold, purple and orange bird came running through the park as they stopped in front of them, their feathers were bright and colorful, and their legs were long and could run really fast.

"Let's go home." Jed said as they each hopped on their bird.

""It's been a long day, I need a nap." Nick said as he mounted the tall purple bird.

"That sounds nice, I'll join you. Heeee!" Meta said as he giggled and took off first down the street.

"Wait up!" Nick shouted as him and Jed ran off after him.

The strider birds ran down the streets all the way back to the farm, where Jamie, Knoxy and Conner were waiting. The home was back to normal and everything was fine. They all sat together in the living room by the fire, Meta cuddled with Nick on the couch below the family tree, Jed and Knoxy on the other couch by the window while Conner and Jamie sat on separate chairs. This was home, the safe haven, where no darkness could ever get to or any ice wall to split them apart.

Only to live.. laugh.. and love.