Chapter 12: My Prom Date is a Demon

The Friday before prom was surprisingly quiet. I was at school almost by myself as a lot of my classmates had called in sick for various reasons. Of course, most of it was total BS. We all knew they just took the day off so they could get ready for the big dance tomorrow. I had spoken with my dad earlier this morning and we had agreed to go pick up my tuxedo from the suit store after school today.

Beezel came to school with me too, but she seemed rather distant today. I noticed that as we walked through the halls between classes, she kept wandering off. It almost looked like she was looking for something. She even went as far as to open up some of the maintenance closets and storage rooms. Whenever I would ask her about it, she would brush me off like nothing was wrong.

Lunch was relatively quiet. Beezel and I ate together and made small talk about classes. Gabby never came by. Natalie and her crew were nowhere to be seen either. My gut was telling me that I should be concerned, but I was too busy enjoying the peace and quiet to care too much.

Soon the school day was over. Everyone was heading off for the weekend while Beezel and I made our way to our lockers to get our stuff.

Once again, Beezel was acting very suspicious. She kept looking around examining everything from the ceiling tiles to the floor boards.

"Hey, my dad is picking me up to go get my Tuxedo. Are you okay walking home by yourself?"

Beezel broke her trance and replied. "Y-yeah i'm fine. You go have fun. I'll catch up with you at home."

And so, I made my way outside to find dad in the parking lot sitting in his car with the windows down.

"Hey Charlie! You ready to go?" He called out.

"Hey dad. Yeah let's do this." I replied as I entered the front passenger seat of the car.

He pulled out of the parking lot and headed down the street to the tuxedo shop. As we were driving, he turned down the radio to say something.

"Charlie, before we get there, I just want to say i'm proud of you."

"W-what? Why? For going to school today?"

He shook his head. "No, for finally meeting a nice girl. Your mother and I were starting to worry about you. Before Beezel showed up, you never went out on weekends. You never seemed to spend time with other kids your age. You never showed any interest in girls. All you ever did was go to school, come home and sit in your room until it was time to go to school again."

"Dad, why are you saying all this? What's it matter to you how I spend my free time?" I defended myself.

"Son, these are some of the best years of your life. What I would give to go back in time and be 16 again. You're entering the prime of your youth, and as a parent, I don't want to see my son wasting his youth sitting in his room all day reading books or on the computer. I have no idea where that girl came from, but Beezel has been the best thing that ever happened to you."

We sat in silence until we pulled up to the tuxedo store. Dad and I walked in and picked up our order. A standard black tux in my size. We paid for the suit and got back in the car to head back home. Little was said between us, but the mood was much brighter than before.

For the first time since this all began, it all started to feel real. This is my tuxedo. Beezel is my date. I'm actually going to prom! With a girl! Tomorrow was going to be the best day ever!


Beezel was walking home from school all by herself before she decided to take a detour. The weather was nice, so she decided to head to one of Charlie's favorite spots, Lilith's Bookstore.

Upon entering the store, she noted it was deserted. Beezel started looking around before hearing a voice speak up from behind her.

"Hello there! Welcome to Lilith's Bookstore. How can I help you?"

"Ahhhh! my lady, you scared me half to death." Beezel cried out.

"My apologies dear. Now, can I help you find anything?" Miss Lilith spoke.

Beezel swiveled her head a few times before speaking in a low voice. "I was not followed. It's just us in here."

Suddenly, Miss Lilith changed from an old lady to a tall female demon. She had glowing red eyes, long horns on her head, dark red skin, black wings on her back, a long black tail, and sharp teeth.

"Now then, is everything ready for tomorrow night?" The older demon called out.

"Yes my lady. I've located a secure underground location at the school and placed the Highway to Hell inside. All we have to do is wait for the lunar eclipse, and our forces can begin their assault."

Her manager smiled a wicked smile. "Excellent work Miss Beelzebub! You're sure that boy and the angel are unaware of this?"

Beezel nodded. "Affirmative. Everything is ready to go on your orders."

"Good. I'll inform Mr. L to begin the preparations. With the power of the lunar eclipse tomorrow, nothing will stand in our way. We shall finally put those disgusting angels in their place."

"My lady, were you able to complete your end of the bargain?" Beezel asked.

"Oh, but of course! I spoke to some old friends I know in the gambling industry. They gave me all the dirt I needed on that man you told me about, Morris Sanders. I must say, as a demon, that man is truly despicable. Anyway, I sent it all to the police just as you requested."

"Thank you my lady. And as promised, I will step aside as you lead our troops into battle. I cannot thank you enough for your help."

"Of course! Run along now dear. Have fun at prom tomorrow! We'll be counting on you."

Beezel walked out of the bookstore with a defeated expression on her face. She felt guilty about doing this, and she still had not yet made her decision on what to do about Charlie. She conveniently left out the part where Val took her Damien knife. Without it, she would not be able to kill Charlie. Oh well, that was the last item on her to-do list. She would need Val to let her guard down around her enough to get it back. But even if she got it back, would she be able to do it? After everything that has happened, how could she possibly kill the man she loved?

Later, at home:

Dad and I got home a little while later. We found Mom in the kitchen setting the table with a delicious dinner. Oven roasted chicken with gravy, rice, and veggies! I put my tuxedo in my room while dad washed his hands and headed to the table.

I looked around upstairs and found neither Beezel nor Val anywhere.

Maybe Beezel stopped somewhere and got something to eat? But where is Val? Maybe they were together?

My questions would soon be answered by the sound of the front door opening. Beezel walked in by herself.

"Hey Beezel, dinner is ready! Won't you come join us? Mom made chicken~"

"Y-yeah sure. Sounds good." Beezel plainly acknowledged. She walked into the first floor bathroom to wash her hands before sitting down at the table to eat.

We set a plate for Val, but I had no idea where she was.

"Hey mom, where is Val?" I asked.

"I think your sister went next door for something. She didn't say why." Mom replied.

Beezel gave her a glare before minding her manners and eating her food.

Mom and Dad talked to us about school and the prom and whatnot. All in all, it was a light conversation. Beezel even cracked a few jokes.

Then dad said something that ruined Beezel's mood. "So, did you guys hear about the lunar eclipse tomorrow night?"

"Yeah I think I saw something on the news about it." Mom said.

"They said this is the first time we have had a full eclipse in almost 30 years. How crazy is it that it just so happens to be on the night of your prom!" Dad joked.

"Is it true that the moon is really going to turn blood red?" I asked.

"That's what the news said. Your mother and I will probably be asleep by then, so we'll have to make sure to wake up and check it out from the backyard." Dad cheered.

Beezel was silent the whole time. She never said a single word about the eclipse. However, she finished all of her food.

"Um~excuse me. Mr. and Mrs. Bradford? I'm finished with my dinner. May I be excused?" She whispered politely.

"Why sure Beezel. I must say your table manners have greatly improved since you started living here." Mom commented.

Beezel stood up and gave a small speech to the family before going upstairs.

"Everyone. I…..I just want to say thank you, for everything you've done. From the moment I got here, you have all treated me with kindness and respect. You've welcomed me with open arms and treated me like I was part of the family. You have no idea how much that means to me."

"Beezel honey~" Mom whispered.

"I just wanted to say that to you all. Now if you'll excuse me." Beezel walked upstairs to her room.

Meanwhile, next door:

Val and Gabby were standing in the study with her father at his desk. He was working on something delicate. The room was silent as the two women watched him expertly craft something very important.

"Are you sure this will work?" Val asked.

"If your suspicions are correct, then yes. This will work out exactly as we planned. Best case scenario, we won't need it at all. Worse case scenario, this thing will save his life." Gabby reassured her.

"It's done!" Gabby's father announced. The girls looked on in awe.

"Thank you both for your help. Valerie, you should probably head on home for tonight. Make sure to take this with you. Charlie's life is in your hands now." Gabby's father spoke. He handed Val something long that was wrapped up in a delicate white cloth. Val thanked him and headed home for the night.

Today was the day. The sun was shining unobstructed by any clouds whatsoever. Today was the Saint Gabriel's Academy prom.

It was saturday, so I did my best to sleep in. Unfortunately my excitement got the better of me. Despite having much less preparations to make than Beezel did, I still felt like I should be doing something.

I also made sure to get in the shower before Beezel and Val. I figured those ladies were both going to take a long time getting ready.

My plan worked perfectly, as I made it out of the shower right after Beezel woke up. We passed each other in the hallway as she entered the bathroom right after I finished brushing my teeth.

I heard the water running as I made my way downstairs for breakfast. Val was sleeping on the couch when she too noticed the smell of a hot breakfast being cooked. We made our way into the kitchen to enjoy delicious pancakes from mom before Beezel made it out of the shower.

She walked downstairs and found all of us eating. "Hey Beezel. Care for some breakfast?" Val asked.

"No thanks. I don't want to risk any bloating before we have to take pictures." Beezel replied.

Val laughed. "Fair enough, now once I get out of the shower, how about we hit up the salon to get you ready?"

Beezel smiled. Val grinned as she walked upstairs to take a shower. Beezel was dressed in a pair of baggy shorts and a long t-shirt as she sat on the couch with her wet hair watching the weather channel. Why? Well, they were doing a special report on the lunar eclipse.

I sat next to her and tried to comfort her.

"Hey, thanks again for doing this."

"Doing what?" She asked.

"Going to prom with me. You have no idea how much this means to me."

Beezel smiled and placed her hand on mine. "You know, even if I wasn't soul bound to you, I still would have said yes."

My face must have been burning red because Beezel stood up to turn the ceiling fan on.

Val got out of the shower and got dressed in a pair of jean shorts and a white top. She made her way downstairs to find the both of us sitting in the living room.

"Alright Beezel, you ready to go?" She asked as she grabbed her purse.

Beezel gave her a confident grin. "Let's do this."

Val and Beezel drove to the beauty salon to their appointment. Beezel was getting the full treatment. Hair, mani-pedi, and makeup.

Hanging out outside the salon was none other than Val's old high school teammate Sheila.

"Hey Girl! Good morning." The two of them shared a hug. Beezel stood there until Sheila gave her a hug too.

"Come on inside. My cousin is a magician when it comes to style. Hey, Rhonda!" Sheila called out. Entering from the back of the salon as a heavyset dark skin woman. She was short with dark curly hair and dressed casually in workout clothes.

The irony was not lost on anyone.

"Sheila stop yelling! Hi welcome, are you Beezel?" Rhonda asked.

"Good morning. Yes my name is Beezel and I am here to get ready for the prom."

"Aww how sweet! Do you go to Saint Gabriel's?"

Beezel nodded. "Sheila, I didn't tell you, but Charlie and I entered the prom king and queen election. We're going up against Natalie Sanders, and we're going to win."

Sheila was blown away as Beezel approached Rhonda. "Ma'am my pride as a woman is on the line here. I have to beat Natalie, and I can't do it without you. My fate is in your hands."

Sheila raised an eyebrow and grew a smirk. "Did you say you're going up against Natalie Sanders?"

Rhonda chimed in. "Ain't that the girl who threw the state title game your senior year?"

Beezel nodded. Rhonda grabbed her hand and led her over to her workstation.

"Don't you worry about a thing baby! We all want to see that skank go down. This one is on the house!"

Beezel and Val looked at each other with shock. Rhonda continued. "Sit back and relax honey. By the time I'm done with you, you're gonna look like you fell straight from heaven."

And so, Rhonda got to work. First the nails, then the hair, then the makeup. All in all, Beezel and Val were at the salon for almost 6 hours. It was late afternoon. The prom was only a few hours away.

Val was sitting in the waiting area browsing social media on her phone when Rhonda came out from the back.

"Ladies, I present to you, this year's prom queen!"

Beezel walked out from the back with a beautiful stride. Her hair was expertly curled to give it soft waves. The black color shined brightly in the fluorescent lights. Her makeup rivaled that of supermodels. She was the most beautiful girl Val had ever seen.

Rhonda made good on her promise. Despite being from Hell, Beezel looked like an angel.

Val and Sheila smiled at each other. "Oh yeah, she's got this in the bag."

Beezel looked in a mirror and grinned. "Prepare yourself Natalie, there's a new queen in town."

The sun was setting as I made my way upstairs to put on my tuxedo. It was fairly simple to assemble. My particular suit had a cumberbun instead of a vest. The suit itself was plain black with a white shirt. Nothing too special, just an ordinary tux for an ordinary guy.

Despite all that, it was still my first time ever wearing a tuxedo! I would be lying if I said I was not excited. How long has it been since I had butterflies in my stomach like this?

It was amazing how shiny the shoes were. I had never worn tuxedo shoes before. These were actually very uncomfortable. It felt like the heel was digging into my ankle.

I took a look in the mirror and could not believe what I saw. Boring, average, Charlie Bradford looked like a million bucks. Is this what confidence feels like? I look like those guys in those spy movies!

Bradford. Charlie Bradford. Bartender, i'll have a martini. Shaken, not stirred.

Once I was done, I made my way downstairs with my jacket. Dad had to help me with the bowtie, but I didn't mind. In fact, I think he was rather happy to help.

Some time later, Beezel and Val came back from the beauty salon. I wanted to greet them at the door, but mom made me wait in the kitchen until after they had walked by.

I waited on the couch with Dad watching some old movie from the 1980's to help me relax. I have to say, the movie certainly fit the mood. It was about a guy who travels 30 years back in time with some shiny car called a DeLorean.

Dad and I were watching this scene where the McFly guy was playing guitar on stage and one of the band members was on the phone backstage.

"Hey Chuck, it's your cousin Marvin. Marvin Berry? You know that new sound you've been looking for, well listen to this!" The man shouted as he held up the phone near the stage entrance.

Dad was singing along while I just sat there trying to calm my nerves. Eventually we get to a scene where this young couple kisses on the dancefloor during a slow dance. The guitar guy holds up a photo of some tree and watches himself magically appear in the photo along.

"Ahh I always love that part! I tell ya son, they don't make movies like this anymore." Dad reminisced.

Suddenly Val called out from upstairs. "Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you, the queen of Saint Gabriel's Academy!"

I stood up from the couch and saw the most beautiful woman walking down the stairs. She had softly curled black hair that shined like diamonds. Her face looked like a supermodel out of a magazine. She was wearing a dark red strapless dress that hugged her chest and waist gracefully. The dress opened up past the waist into a beautiful pattern. It was almost like a woman was emerging from a flower as she walked.

"Woah." I gasped.

Beezel smiled as she finished walking downstairs. She walked up to me and shuffled nervously.

"Well, h-how do I look?" She whispered.

"Dahlia, you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen."

She smiled and blushed hard looking away.

Mom popped up from behind the door in the other room. "Oh my gosh! Beezel honey you look absolutely gorgeous! Quick, Valerie go get the camera! We need to take pictures."

And so, Beezel and I stood next to each other in our tux and dress. We must have done over 100 different poses for 200 different photos. After checking the clock, we decided it was time to go. The streetlights had already come on. It was dark, the full moon was climbing up the horizon in the night sky. The prom awaits.

Beezel and I walked outside with Val as my parents waved us goodbye. Val had offered to drive us there, despite her car being almost 10 years old. I made sure to open the back seat door for Beezel and help her inside like a true gentleman. Val looked at me and gave an approving nod.

She started the engine and pulled out of the driveway down the street.

"You guys look adorable! I never thought I would see you in a tuxedo little bro." Val joked.

I laughed along. "Hey Val, thanks again for all your help. We couldn't have done this without you."

Val smiled. "Hey, I was in high school not too long ago. I totally get it."

She turned to Beezel. "Now you take care of my baby brother, young lady! Be sure to get him home safe, and keep your hands to yourself." It seemed like Val was joking, but Beezel did not seem to take it as a joke.

Soon we arrived at the school. I was amazed at how different everything looked. The student council did a fantastic job decorating for this. We got out of the car and waved goodbye to Val.

"You ready?" I looked at Beezel. She looked at me in the eyes and grabbed my hand.

"Let's do this." She laced her fingers with mine as we walked hand in hand towards the gym.

The gym was decorated with all kinds of cool string lights. The theme was "Prom Underground" so they made the whole place look like a cave, complete with stalagmites and stalactites.

Beezel and I mingeld a little bit as some of the girls from our class came up to her to compliment her on her dress. I stood idly by near the punch bowl when a familiar face came up next to me.

"Wow, you sure clean up nice!"

It was none other than my next door neighbor. She was absolutely stunning. Her naturally curly hair was straightened expertly. I had only seen her with straight hair a few times, so I almost didn't recognize her. She wore a beautiful white dress with thick shoulder straps and a diamond necklace.

"Same to you Gabby. Be careful around the punch though. Wouldn't want you to get any stains on that beautiful dress."

Gabby started blushing a little. "Y-you think I look beautiful?"

"Oh yeah! You look fantastic." I smiled as I took another sip of punch. Gabby smiled and scooted closer to me.

"Charlie, there is something I need to tell you. Your date, Beezel. She's going to do something terrible tonight. I know you guys came together, but promise me you'll be careful?"

I finished my punch and gave her a soft yet stern glare. "Gabby i'll be fine! Quit worrying so much. It's prom night, and we're here to have fun."

Speaking of having fun, look who is walking over here.

"Hello angel."

"Hello devil."

"Care to explain why you're over here flirting with my date?" Beezel crossed her arms over her chest.

"Only if you explain what sort of dastardly plan you and your little friends have in store for tonight." Gabby crossed her arms too. They were inches away from exchanging fists.

"Hey Beezel, this song is one of my favorites! Let's go dance." I did my best to try and break things up.

She smiled. "That sounds lovely. Please excuse me while my date and I go dance." Beezel strongly gripped my hand to the point of cutting off circulation.

"I'm watching you!" Gabby cried out.

The rest of the night went surprisingly well. Beezel and I danced on the dance floor and the two of us ended up having a great time. I didn't see Gabby again after that first altercation. Hopefully she wasn't too upset.

As the night went on, the student council president walked on stage while the DJ was taking a break.

"Good evening Saint Gabriel's Academy! Are you all having a good time?" He announced. The crowd of well dressed students cheered.

"Awesome! Well folks, it's time for all of us to vote for this year's prom king and prom queen. Due to a surprisingly low turnout of nominees this year, we will only have two couples to choose from. Our first couple consists of two of our school's star athletes! Please give it up for women's volleyball captain Natalie Sanders, and her date, varsity Quarterback Chad Thorton!"

The two of them walked on stage together. Both of them were by far the most popular kids in school. Natalie, for obvious reasons. Chad was a nice enough guy, but ever since he announced that he was offered a scholarship to play football at some big university out of state, he became an instant local celebrity.

"And now, for our other nominees. These two were a late submission, but they are up for vote none the less. Please give it up for our foreign exchange student, Beezel, and her date, Charles Bradford."

Now it was time for Beezel and I to walk on stage together. The spotlight was shining on me. My palms were sweaty. Knees weak, arms are heavy. Suddenly I felt a strong force grip my hand.

Beezel looked at me with a determined look in her eye. One nod was all it took for me to understand that this was really happening. We were going to do this. Win or lose, she and I were in this together.

Beezel and I stood on opposite ends of the stage from Natalie and Chad. The student council president was between us.

"Alright everyone, before we cast our votes, let's hear from each of the couples. Starting with Natalie and Chad."

He passed the microphone to Chad. Chad cleared his throat and spoke.

"Sup guys. Uhh…. vote for me I guess? Go Cardinals!"

A couple of the other football players in the crowd cheered, but most people remained silent. I don't think I ever told you at any point during this story, but our school mascot is the Cardinals.

He passed the microphone to Natalie.

"Hey guys, it's your girl! So, like, we all know i'm going to win, but please vote for me! Go Cardinals!"

A few of the popular girls clapped, but nobody else made a sound. Natalie passed the microphone back to the student council president.

"Alright everyone, that was Natalie and Chad! Now then, let's hear from our other nominees, Charles and Beezel!"

The student council president passed the microphone to me. I was shaking nervously as I muttered something.

"U-u-um hi everyone. M-my name is Charlie Bradford. Umm…."

Someone in the crowd shouted. "Hey, it's that guy from the chili video!"

Oh no, I forgot I was still viral. Crap, a few other kids are laughing.

"Yeah, that's him! The guy who got chili dumped on him!"

"Hahaha, wow he actually ran for prom king? What a joke!"

Oh god make it stop. Everyone is laughing. The whole gym is in an uproar. This is it. My life is over. I never should have ran in this stupid election. There was absolutely no way we were going to win.

I never even responded. Instead, I just looked at the floor in shame as I held the microphone.

What happened next was nothing short of a miracle. I felt a pair of hands grab the microphone from me and start speaking. It was the angelic demon that agreed to be my date.

"WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!" Beezel yelled. Everyone immediately stopped laughing and the whole gym went silent.

"You guys may not know who I am, but my name is Beezel. I'm from a place far away from here, where they don't even have prom. Where i'm from, nobody goes to school. My homeland is the worst place imaginable. Everyday we work until we collapse. We don't even get paid. We work so we can have a few scraps of food to eat at night. We work so we don't get hauled away to jail or worse. You all live a life of luxury and freedom that nobody in my homeland will ever get to know. And this is what you do with that freedom? This is what you choose to do with your lives?"

Wow. Beezel is actually standing up for me in front of the whole school.

"This boy, no, this man right here, is the greatest man I have ever known. He has been dealt his fair share of hardships in life, yet he continues moving through life with a smile on his face. He took me in, a complete stranger from another world, and welcomed me into his home with open arms. His family have been nothing but kind and charitable and supportive of me, for no reason than the fact that they are all good people. None of you here tonight would ever do anything like that. I guarantee it."

Holy crap, it's actually working. Beezel is really getting through to these people.

"You all worship people like Natalie and Chad, but for what reason? Athletic talent? Good looks? Money? How incredibly vain of you. All of you think yourselves so high and mighty, yet none of you have ever had to overcome any kind of adversity. None of you have faced any sort of hardship at any point in your lives."

Natalie was starting to get nervous. She spoke up "Okay I think that's enough~"

Beezel turned and pointed right at her head. "You there. The self proclaimed queen of the school. You bring great dishonor upon the very word. You boast your athletic talents, yet you single handedly lost the state championship game because your family bet $500,000 dollars on the other school to win."

Everyone in the gym gasped. Natale was shocked at such a bold accusation.

"Oh yes, I know all about that. Your father made some bad investments in the stock market a few years ago and lost a lot of money. So, in order to recoup your family's losses, he placed a massive bet on the state championship game. Saint Gabriel was a heavy favorite to win the title, so he bet everything he had on the underdog to win the game at 20/1 odds. You guys were so close to winning, then you hit the last shot out of bounds on purpose. We lost our only ever shot at a championship, but hey, at least your family made some money. $10 million dollars to be exact."

The whole gym was shocked at this revelation. Natalie's eyes were wide with fear. How in the world did she possibly know any of this? Just who was this girl?

"Y-you don't have any proof!" Natalie stuttered.

Beezel grinned. "Oh but I do. You see, I have some contacts in the gambling industry. They told me everything."

Natalie looked like she was about to throw up.

Beezel was relishing in this. For the first time since I met her, her sadistic nature was showing. I guess it's all part of the job, being a demon and whatnot.

"Natalie Sanders, you bully, threaten, and intimidate everyone in this school to bend to your will. For no other reason than you believe your money and family name makes you superior. You have nothing to be proud of! Your family name is stained with the blood of hundreds, and your wealth was made with dirty money that you robbed from thousands of people over the years. Your father, Morris Sanders, stole millions from American families during the great recession of 2008. Worst of all, his investment firm received tens of millions in government bailouts. "Too big to fail" he cried. Do you know how many families became homeless because of him?"

Now the gym was starting to boo. Everyone in the crowd was booing louder and louder as Natalie started squirming.

Beezel continued. "But that is only child's play compared to what your ancestors did. Your great great grandfather was a man named Ralph MacGruder. He owned a large mining company back in the early industrial revolution. His company forced children to work in coal mines!"

The boos in the crowd now turned to insults. People were in an uproar. All according to Beezel's plan.

"Your ancestor, Ralph MacGruder, was directly responsible for the worst mining disaster in the history of this country. Hundreds of children died when his mine collapsed. And yet the man suffered no punishment for his crimes. Well, Natalie my dear, every sinner must face judgement."

Suddenly, through all the commotion, Natalie's phone started ringing. She answered it through the chorus of boos.

"Hello? Mom? Dad? Why are you calling me right now? WHAT?! What do you mean you guys are in jail?! Money Laundering?! Racketeering?! J-just hold on, i'll be there soon!"

Beezel handed the microphone back to the student council president. He looked very nervous, but finished what he needed to do.

"Alright, thank you Beezel and Charles. Now then, let's begin the voting~"

"BOOOOO" All of the students in the gym were screaming their boos. The student council president did his best to calm them down before a riot broke out.

I looked at Beezel who stood there, proud and strong. She stood up for me when I needed her, and now it was my turn to stand up for her.

Through the chorus of boos. I started clapping and chanting one word.

"Bee-zel". "Bee-zel". "Bee-zel".

As I chanted, other students caught on and repeated the chanting too. Soon the whole gym was chanting her name.

Beezel was relishing in the praise. She turned and looked at the student council president. Her eyes said more than her words ever could.

"Alright folks, the votes are in. This year's queen and king are: Beezel and Charles!"

The whole gym erupted into cheers. Everyone was going nuts as Beezel and I were given matching crowns and sashes. Natalie ran off the stage crying. I looked out in the crowd and saw a few police officers waiting near the doors. They marched over to her and locked handcuffs on her wrists. Natalie would never step foot on the campus of Saint Gabriel's Academy ever again.

This was such a dream come true. Beezel and I were the prom queen and prom king! I never thought someone like me could ever achieve this. We both stood on the stage waving at the roaring crowd. Even Chad came over and shook my hand to congratulate me.

The DJ came back from his break and started playing a slow dance song.

"Alright folks, make way for the king and queen! It's time for their first dance together." The DJ spoke.

Beezel grabbed my hand and walked with me to the dance floor. I placed my other hand on her hip and she put her hand on my shoulder.

The song was slow and smooth. We didn't really dance per se, rather, we just swayed on the floor in each other's arms.

"Congratulations, my king." Beezel whispered in my ear.

I squeezed her waist a little bit. "Thank you, my queen."

We swayed a little longer until the song ended. Next the DJ turned to the two of us and announced on his microphone.

"Alright guys, let's give a round of applause for the king and queen." The whole gym clapped for us once again. Feeling bold, I did something nobody expected.

"Hey, DJ! Can I make a song request?"

"Yes sir! What would you like?"

I walked over to the DJ booth and told him my request. He smiled and announced to the crowd.

"Alright Saint Gabriel's Academy, lets all get on the floor for this next track as requested by the king himself."

The DJ began playing the song I requested. I'm a Believer by the Monkeys. He didn't have the original version, so he played the Smash Mouth cover instead.

I ran out on the dance floor and met up with Beezel. The two of us did some awesome freestyle dance moves along with the other students. As the music played, the two of us were laughing along and having a great time. This was truly the greatest night of my life.

A little while later, I left the dance floor to get some punch. Beezel was somewhere else talking to some girls in our class. As I was getting punch, Gabby came up to congratulate me.

"Hey there, King Bradford." She grinned at me.

"Oh hey. Did you see me up there? Oh man, I can't believe any of this is happening!"

"Congrats again Charlie. I'm really happy for you." Gabby said with a genuine smile on her face.

"Hey, where is everyone going?" I noticed as all of the students started walking out of the gym. Gabby started looking very concerned.

"It's starting, the lunar eclipse. They must all be heading outside to watch it." She said.

"Oh cool! I wonder if Beezel wants to go watch it~uhh~where is she going?" I looked on the other side of the gym as Beezel started running into the hallways of the school.

"Charlie, wait, come back!" Gabby cried out. I didn't respond as I kept running.

I made my way down the hall behind Beezel. She was running towards an old maintenance closet. I managed to catch up to her before she could get inside.

"Beezel, stop! Where are you going? What are you doing?"

She turned to me. "Charlie, forgive me."

Her lips met mine.

Wow, my first kiss! Her lips feel so soft and warm. Oh my god, this feels so good it hurts!

Wait, are kisses supposed to hurt?

Beezel stopped kissing me and stepped back. She had a knife in her hand that was covered in blood. Hold on, BLOOD?!

I looked down and saw a massive red stain on my shirt. It was growing bigger. My hands were dark red and smelled like metal.

Beezel looked at me with tears in her eyes. Her mascara was starting to run. My mouth tasted like copper as I coughed up some blood.

Why do I feel so tired? When did Beezel get so tall? Wait a minute, why am I on the floor?

It's so cold in here. My eyes feel heavy. Why? Why did you do this, my queen?