Lük and Bea are strolling down the heaven neighborhood on their way to work. They suddenly approach a crowd of people watching a baby stuck on a tall tree. The mother of the baby cries out "My baby! Somebody help my baby!". "The hell's going on?", asked Lük. "That baby climbed up that tree and now it can't get down.", said a background character. "[gasp] Oh no! That poor thing. Somebody should get him down.", said Bea. "Uh, excuse me. Am I the only one wondering why you people have forgotten that you are all angels. You literally have wings on your god damn backs right now. You can literally fly up there and get that baby in a sec.", said Lük. "Jeez. we wish we could, but...", said another background character. "I swear to God you're all a bunch of lazy assholes. Red, back me up here.", said Lük. "Are you sure there's no other way to save that baby? Nothing?", asked Bea. The townspeople remained lazy (kinda like my writing of this story).

Then, Archangel Grant came from the sky and asked what all the commotion was. When he heard about the baby stuck on the tall tree he said, "My god... isn't there any other way to save that infant? How about you, my beloved.", Grant said to Bea. "Me? But I don't think-", said Bea before Lük interrupted her. "Ah, just shut the hell up and get up there." And so Bea climbed up the tree and try and rescue the baby. "Hey, red! There's no need to climb up since you literally have wings attached to you! I mean, come on. How myopic is your ass right now?", shouted Lük. "You think there's something wrong with my ass, and what is myopic?", asked Bea. "JUST FUCKING FLY!", shouted Lük. "ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT!", said Bea as she started flapping her wings. But the only problem is, here wings weren't strong enough to reach the top of the tree, and so she came falling down and landed on Lük. When she got up, she was wondering where Lük was. Lük said he was on her boobs. "Red, can you get your hooters off my face?", asked Lük. "Um, OK.", said Bea as she pulled Lük off her chest. "I'm sorry, Lük. I tried. I really did.", she said. "Well, it appears you have the wings of a shaved newborn duck. And I'm going to work. All you people are downright stupid and you know it", said Lük to the crowd. "Ok, people. Let's move it. Break it up. Break it up.", said Grant as the people left the scene. "Wait. Who's gonna save my baby?", said the mother as the baby jumps off the tree and plummets to the ground offscreen with the mother screaming in shock.