Lady Wingman (Bea) and The Clucky Cluckster (Lük) are tied upside down in front of a giant cauldron of tar. "Time for you two to be tar-red for life. Tar-ry to be a part in your demise [laughs]", said Prichard. "Your puns are just as worse as your will to live.", said The Clucky Cluckster. "Well, tar-don the play-on-words, Demonson. [smirks]", said Prichard. "You 'tar' the man, boss.", said Winsel. Prichard stays silent for a second. "Let's just kill you two already!", said Prichard. Prichard activates a lever to lower Lady Wingman and The Clucky Cluckster. "Well, I hope you're happy, red. Your choice of being a superhero is about to get us smothered to death in a goop of tar. Thanks a lot for ruining my life.", said The Cluckster. "[sigh] You're right, Lük. I'm sorry. I thought I would be a superhero because I have wings, now it got us into this mess. I'm such an idiot.", said Bea. "Uh, ya think?! You really need to cut it out with your crazy-ass fantasies, red.", said Lük. "Cut... it out? [gasp] My god! That's it! Quick, Cluckster, reach into my hip and grab my knife.", said Bea in her Lady Wingman voice. "Red, now's not the time to play superhero.", said Lük. "Please trust me, Lük. I know it will work.", said Lady Wingman. "Ugh! Fine, damn it!", said Lük as he tries to reach to Bea's hip and pulls out her sword. Bea screams in pain and Prichard hears it. "What the hell are you screaming about, dollface?", asked Prichard. "Uhhhhhh... This funny... joke... I heard.", said Bea. "Joke? What joke?", asked Prichard. "Oh, you know... the joke about... uhhhh... the chicken... that crossed... the road.", said Bea. "Oh, god, it's the lamest and most unpopular joke in the book. Lemme guess, it gets to the other side, right?", said Prichard. "Correct.", said Lük as he escapes the trap and kicks Prichard in the face. He breaks free Bea and escape the cauldron filled with tar. "Excellent job, Cluckster.", said Bea. "And excellent job on the distraction, Lady Wingman.", said The Clucky Cluckster. "What distraction?", said Lady Wingman. "Enough!", said Prichard as he pulls out a gun. "I've had it with you comic book wannabes. M.O.D., kill them.", he also said as M.O.D. takes out a gun and shoots at L.W. and Cluckster. Cluckster manages to escape the bullets and starts brawling with Prichard, while L.W. hides from M.O.D. and prepares to jump by surprise. L.W. jumps, takes out her sword and stabs M.O.D. in the robotic eye. "AAAHHHHH! EVERYTHING IS DARK!", shouted M.O.D. "Not so fast, Wonder cheeks.", said Winsel as he takes out a gun. "Put the knife down, and you won't get shot... yet.", he also said as L.W. surrenders the knife. "You know, Winsel. Has anyone ever told you how great you are with tech?", said Bea. "Really? Who?", asked Winsel. "Well, maybe some women.", said Bea. "Women? You think they'd go for someone like me.", asked Winsel. "WINSEL! JUST SHOOT HER ALREADY!", said Prichard while fighting with the Clucky Cluckster. "Oh, uh, sorry boss.", said Winsel as he pulls the trigger at Bea and, in slow motion, Bea holds out her knife and is shielded from the bullet and the bullet is directed from different screens, all the way to the tail of Prichard. "AHHH! MY TAIL! NOT AGAIN, GOD DAMNIT!", shouted Prichard as he falls onto the edge of the cauldron and the tar spills all over the room, with L.W. dodging the tar and Winsel and Prichard ending up covered in it. "Red, you alright?", said The Clucky Cluckster. L.W. gives him a thumbs up as a signal to say she is. "We did it, Clucky Cluckster, we foiled an evil plan. We truly are Holy Heroes!", she said. "You said it, Lady Wingman.", said Cluckster as the two "Holy Heroes" leave the hideout of Prichard and Winsel, leaving the two demons covered in tar. "I STILL SEE DARKNESS!", said M.O.D.

Lük and Bea in their superhero costumes drink beer, eat nachos and watch TV. "[sigh] What a way to celebrate our victory as superheroes, eh, my KF-Sidekick.", said Bea. "About that, red. I think I would rather be referred to as an equal partner instead of a sidekick?", said Lük. "Equal partner, hmm, if I make you an equal partner, then that would make me less of a dominant female.", said Bea. "I'll give you all the credit for stopping criminals.", said Lük. "It is an honor to be your partner, Clucky Cluckster.", said Bea in her Lady Wingman voice. "And another thing, I would like to be called by... Mr. Cluxter, with an x, cos Clucky Cluckster sounds like a creepy kid's educator in a costume.", said Lük. "Very well, Mr. Cluxter with an x.", said L.W. "Oh, and one last thing. I got ya somethin'.", said Lük as he gave Bea a gift and she opens it. "It's a knife holster. So you won't keep losing a lot of blood.", said Lük. "Wow, thanks, Lük. And I have to admit, something looks wrong with my hip. Does it look infected to you.", said Bea as she shows him her bloody hip. "Yeeeaah, you should have that checked out, like, right damn now.", said Lük.