I wasn't joking when I said I couldn't make it home from that party.

As soon as we got into the car, my hand found its way to Danielle's knee. Her hand was instantly in the hair at the back of my head and neither of us spoke.

By the first red light, my hand was already pushing the fabric of her dress up and by the second, my fingers were gently grazing the soft skin of her inner thigh.

The thing is, when you hit one red light, chances are the rest of them will be red as well. And while I wasn't going to put our lives in danger by distracting myself as I drove like a horny teenager, there wasn't much to do when we waited for the colors to switch for us to continue driving. Especially as the only thing I could think about was how I wanted that dress to be off her body.

At the next stop, I let my fingers slide over her panties, which I was glad to find damp.

I ran a finger between her folds through the fabric, applying the softest pressure at the end. She shivered, but didn't protest. All the way around, her legs parted slightly to give me easier access.

I stroked several times, then pressed just above her most sensitive spot.

I didn't take my eyes off the road, even though we weren't moving, probably afraid I would lose all control if I watched her now. I actually did want to get home before I undressed her.

In my peripheral vision I could see her knuckles whitening as she held onto the seat. My pants tightened and the air grew warmer and thicker by the minute, even though the air conditioning was turned on almost to its maximum. I dipped a finger into her underwear, feeling the soft slick flesh, hot and needy.

The traffic light turned green and I stepped on the gas pedal, my right hand frozen in place. I could feel it frustrated Danielle, because she started moving slightly to grind against my palm.

It wasn't long before another crossroad came in our way and I resumed my caresses.

My thumb rolled over the glorious bud of nerves and one finger slid inside her, curling up to hit the sweet spot within her.

"Ugh," She muttered when I started driving again. I would've chuckled at her neediness, but there was no humor in me at that moment.

It was so incredibly arousing to hear her in this state, knowing I caused it. It didn't sound like a fake moan of a pron star. They were deep sighs and tiny groans, squirming in her seat and holding on to anything she could reach. Fuck, home couldn't be close enough.

She removed her hand from the back of my neck to place on my knee, fingernails digging into my flesh through the fabric. I knew it would probably leave a mark, but I didn't mind, as it distracted me slightly from the pulsating ache in my groin.

It took everything I had not to stop at the roadside and just have her ride me until we were both screaming, right there in the car. The idea was as tempting as it was arousing, but the area wasn't exactly secluded and there was no privacy guaranteed.

We stopped again and I continued with my movements, adding another finger, alternating between a thumb and the heel of my palm with pressure.

"Ian," She gasped for air, her grip on my leg tightening and I picked up the pace even higher. I glanced at her as she threw her head back, exposing a delicate neck I was dying to kiss and bite. Her eyes were shut, her lips slightly parted, until she bit her lip and let out another groan.

The light was green, but there were no cars behind us, so I didn't start driving. Instead, I moved my fingers even faster, putting more pressure, circling and rubbing.

I watched her as she let out a muted groan, her chest heaving, her eyes shut tight, back arched up, skin hot and flushed. God, she was so beautiful at that moment, so intoxicatingly desirable.

Silently I pulled my hand back and as the light turned green again, I floored the gas, focusing on the road in front of me.

"Oh my God," Danielle mumbled after about a minute. I pressed my lips together to keep them forming into a smirk.

I wasn't expecting her hand to find its way to my leg again, sliding up my thigh, until her fingers fumbled with the button and fly of my pants. Air was knocked out of my lungs at the surprise and electric feeling of her touch, so it took me a second to respond.

"What are you doing?" I hissed through clenched teeth. She did not wait for a stop to touch me. "Are you trying to kill us?"

"Just thought you might appreciate some… release." This wouldn't happen, if she hadn't been drinking. It was a bolder, more mischievous version of Danielle.

"Danielle," My tone was low and grave, so much so her grip loosened, but her hand stayed over my briefs. I contemplated what would be worse, her leaving her hand or moving it away. "I need you to move your hand now," I said slowly at last. I needed a distraction. The empty night street didn't do much to provide it, but we were almost there. I parked and redid my pants to step out of the car.

"We might have a very interesting elevator ride, if we encounter your elderly neighbors," Denielle commented, referring to the very evident bulge in my groin area.

"You little minx," I pulled her against me, pressing said bulge against her backside and kissing her neck. "I'll make sure you squirm again before we get to the apartment,"

"Don't think you'd survive this,"

"Oh look who's a smartass now. I should've left you hanging when the light turned green,"

"I might've died. You're not that cruel,"

"Rumor has it," I spoke hotly against her ear. "That I am," I started walking her forward, towards the building entrance.

"Good thing I always saw through the rumors," She took a step towards the elevator, but I pulled her away and towards the stairway.

"We're taking the stairs,"

"You are trying to kill me," She joked, but I pushed her against the wall as soon as the door closed behind us. Considering it was the middle of the night, the chance of someone coming up or down the stairs wasn't high.

I crashed my lips against hers in a deep, but slow kiss. Our tongues gilded against each other, exploring every part they could reach. Danielle tasted like chocolate and alcohol and like the unique taste of her. It was divine, and I fought a moan.

I rubbed my erection slightly against her, seeking some kind of relief for my desperate desire. She reflexively parted her legs slightly. I moved on to explore her jaw, neck and shoulder with my lips, as her hands unbuttoned my shirt partially and glided over my chest and shoulders.

I could tell she was becoming breathless, needy, as her grip at my shoulders tightened and she grinded against me, seeking friction where I'd touched her mere minutes ago.

"You're driving me crazy," I mumbled into her neck. One of my hands was on her thigh, slowly making its way to cup her ass, while the other freed her breast from the dress and bra covering it, for my mouth to find it instantly.

"Ian," She whispered shakily. "Let's get out of here,"

"You're not squirming yet,"

"I'm past that," She pushed against my chest and started going up the stairs. I caught up at the next flight and had my arms around her, my hands finding their way to the sensitive spots I knew so well. "Do you want your entire building to hear what you're up to?" She whispered, overcoming a few more steps.

"Yes," I replied maybe a bit too quickly. Stopping her from moving more, I nibbled at her ear and kissed her neck again, leaving hot and wet marks, which made her shiver as they cooled without my touch. "I see the alcohol's wearing off,"

"Let's go," She panted, "Please,"

"If you're asking so nicely…" I released her and we walked up the stairs to my floor. I was thankful for some time to cool off my body.

I opened the door to my apartment, surprised I was still able to function properly. My body was scorching, blood boiling, breath burning. I ached for her touch.

We were inside now and all I could think about was being inside of her. But instead, I took my time again. I slowly undressed her, kissing each inch of bare skin that came to view, and let her do the same to me. As we both stepped out of our shoes, I took a look at the gorgeous body in front of me, in all its glorious nudity. It was almost overwhelming how much I wanted her. I gulped for air, unable to decide where to start. So many fantastic possibilities.

"Are you going to just fucking stand there?" Danielle didn't wait for my reply, she attacked my lips, circling her fingers around my erection. I cupped her breast in response, rubbing a rough thumb against her aroused nipple.

The sounds she was making were causing my head to swim, as if the pressure she was putting on my dick wasn't enough. I hissed, removing her hand from me and put my hands at the back of her thighs, to hike her up and push against the wall.

She was searing hot against my skin, wet and inviting as I finally plunged into her.


My lungs burned in a desperate attempt to get oxygen. It was almost embarrassing, as if it was the first time I felt her, as if I hadn't spent the previous evening doing the same. Yet, I didn't seem to be able to get enough of her. Besides, there was something different about tonight, something wild and primal, something that went beyond the relationship we had, the questions in the air and the thin lines we've been walking on. Tonight nothing mattered, besides how good we felt in each other's arms.

Hell, did it feel good.

My hips were hammering, my mouth was everywhere it could reach on her, hers was letting out desperate groans and pants, as her hands stopped roaming over my body to hold on to my shoulders for her dear life.

She screamed. She actually screamed my name as we both shattered into our bliss, soaring above earth as our bodies clung to each other like magnets. I was in heaven, there was no other explanation.

"I love you," I said into her neck. My voice was hoarse, breathless. I could hear it as if listening from outside my body. I think I might've been outside of my body, still somewhere above ground as those words left - no, escaped - my mouth. But I didn't regret them. They were true, after all. They have been for a long time.

Even given my questionable state of high, it didn't escape me that Danielle didn't reply. She also didn't run.