At a shipyard bustling with activity, a young female alien is beleaguering a male human official.

"Please! Let me on!" she pleads, head frills laid back in panic.

"I'm sorry, lady, but this ship is already fully booked." the official sighs, trying to wave her away.

The woman rummages in her handbag, and pulls out a credit chip.

"Please! I'll give you anything, just let me on!"

The official stares at the chip, and then pushes it back.

"Leave. You're holding up the line for people who deserve to be on this ship."

The woman pauses for a few seconds, then hauls out two more chips.

"That's my life savings... Just let me on!"

The official sighs, looking down the panicked reptilian, newborn offspring tucked in her pouch, before acquiescing.

"Fine. You and the baby, no luggage."

"Thank you!" she cries, rushing forward once the gate is opened. Her child shrieks in fear, but she simply pats it and keeps running.

Gunfire and screams ring out in the street. The human passengers are rushed through quickly. They crowd around the mother Tzynn, rushing to be first on the ship.

"Get out of the way, lizard!" one shouts, shoving her back. She stumbles, then gets up. The ship is packed, and is beginning to take off. She mutters a prayer to her ancestors to keep her baby safe, and shoves it through the airlock just as it closes.

The ship takes off without her, just as the left-behind tzynn and lur stare at the approaching hordes. The swarm of red-carapaced, wasplike krakata soldiers are silent in their approach. Glittering claws flash out, each sending a spray of blood across the starport fields.

Breaking News: United Nations of Earth colony Delsura has been attacked by an invading force from Yanay Hive. Two major city centers have been overrun, causing over 60,000 deaths, 1,345 of which were human civilians. Soldiers have not been deployed due to the informational chaos. Honestly i hope the damn lizards slowed them down a- WHAT! We're still on the air? Um.. uh..I mean I hope the regrettable loss of Tzynn lives was not in vain. This was Silvaninewsgoodby-click