Morgan was a young boy who disappeared from his nursery sometime in the early nineteenth century. His parents, believing that he could not have wandered off on his own, accused the nanny of foul play and threw her out. The nanny, consumed with guilt, snuck onto the property every night in an attempt to try and find the missing child. One night, she was caught by the master of the manor who promptly shot her when he found her searching through the attic.

It was three years ago, in 2014, that the new owners of the house would keep being woken up by the panic filled cries of a woman coming from the attic, mingled with fearful screams of what sounded like a child. A search amongst the antiques in the attic showed there was no one there, but the voices continued to sound. Unable to take the disembodied voices any further, the woman called a psychic investigator in to see what might be the cause. The psychic, after explaining the history of the property, had the couple lead him up to the attic. No sooner, had they set foot in the room, the crying and screaming started. This time, though, the form of a woman, her figure looking much like a faded, antique photo, was seen. She was kneeling over a trunk, looking as though she was desperately trying to open it. The man, not listening as the psychic warned him not to intervene, picked up something heavy and crossed the floor to the trunk where he forced the container open.

As soon as the trunk was no longer locked, an eerie, heavy silence descended on the room and the ghostly woman faded from view. The man, overcome with curiosity, pulled the lid of the trunk up to see what was inside. What was there cause him to jump back, eyes wide in terror with his face as white as a sheet. Lying inside the trunk, curled up and clutching his treasured baby doll, was the mummified remains of little Morgan.