As a child, I had always loved the paranormal and supernatural. Anything related to horror, ghosts and ghouls just filled me with delight and awe. Sometimes, I would even go to estate sales, flea markets and thrift shops to see if I could find some old looking trinket that I could make up a spooky story about. During one of those little shopping trips, I came upon this precious looking, cracked, vintage doll. It looked as if it could've been from the Victorian or Edwardian era and I just fell in love. The doll cost more than I would normally have paid for one of my trinkets, but I just had to have it.

Upon returning home with my newest treasure, I took her out of the box I carried her home in and gently set her in the old, wicker bassinet that I had bought several months prior. I gave the little doll a name and made up a little story for her. Something creepy to tell family and friends that visited.

The first few weeks went by without incident. However, when my best friend came to visit for the weekend, things started getting strange. I would be woken up by the sounds of a baby's cries. Neither my friend nor I have any children. I asked my friend the next morning if she had heard anything and she said that she didn't. This went on the entire length of her visit and after. It got to where she would tease me that I was experiencing baby fever. A possibility as I had always wanted a child but was never in the right place mentally, physically, emotionally or financially to have one. Still, I felt as if I was going insane by hearing the sounds of an infant crying.

One night, I followed the sound to the bassinet and the doll. I thought that maybe I was going crazy, but I picked up the doll and held it as I would a flesh and blood child. No sooner do I do so, the crying stopped. I didn't waste any time. I tracked down the family that I had bought the doll from to see if there was some kind of history behind it. What I was told made my blood run cold. The old woman had been a practitioner of the dark arts and, after killing her own child in a fit of madness, had trapped it's spirit inside the doll that I now had.