Terra hated most anything that would be considered 'girly'. Baby dolls were high on the list of things that she would rather never be forced to have. Something about this doll, though, had the ten year old intrigued. She had found it while exploring the remains of an old, dilapidated building that her college age brother had let her tag along. The doll was an old, dirty patchwork doll with some loose stitches. The glass button eyes, though, gleamed through the dust and grime as if they held a life all their own.

Since she seemed to be so fascinated by the doll, her brother saw no harm in letting her take it home with her. The older sibling made sure to thoroughly clean and repair the rag doll, including the odd pendant stitched at the collar of the doll's dress. There something familiar about the symbol engraved on it, but he couldn't think of where he'd seen it. Not at the moment, at least.

In a matter of days, her parents and brother noticed a big change in Terra. She seemed to become more distant, detached and disinterested in the games and activities that she had once enjoyed so much. Instead, it appeared the doll took up all of her interest and time. To the point that the little girl carried on conversations with the doll and would carry it everywhere.

Eventually, Terra's brother had to leave to return to campus and his studies, leaving his parents to deal with his sister's unusual changes. In the middle of the night, though, just a week after he had left, he was pulled away from a late night study session by a phone call. It was the police, informing him that his parents were the victims of a copycat killer. One that had performed a ritualistic murder on a family decades ago. Immediately, he asked about his sister, worried she was hurt or killed, as well.

Turns out, his sister was unharmed. In fact, she was the sole survivor, mirroring the prior murder exactly. Just as with the previous survivor, Terra had been found sitting between her dead parents, clutching that doll tightly. On her forehead, looking like a bloody finger painting on her forehead, was a marking that he knew he had seen before. As he looked over the photos of his sister, photos the police had been kind enough to let him see, he remembered where he had seen that symbol. It had been present in another local murder of a family. A murder where a sole child survived. A murder that took place in the same house Terra's rag doll came from.