Only the devil prevails Tdelicot Summary: Taking place between seasons 18th and 19th with Gibbs is asked to work an undercover operation for Director Lowry as part of the deal he had with Vance before his death.

Chapter 1

"What did you say to me Jethro about the undercover operation?" his wife Cecelia needed to say with angered having to be in her eighth month of pregnancy.

Gibbs had been working on a new Rule 91 FINALLY getting the chance to work on it between recovering from his recent injuries from the explosion eight-plus months prior. "I said that I had promised Vance to work on the OFF THE BOOKS operations for whenever the local Cartel or any other organizations causing trouble." he sighs deeply.

"I just don't get this Cecelia as to why you're arguing me about it when it's important that I do this for the director?" he noted with slamming the tool in his tool onto the table and turning to face her completely. He goes to pick it up from the floor with bending and a grimace.

"It serves you right Jethro having to be still hurting after all this time?" she raked her hand through her red hair. She moved in closer to comfort him not wishing to upset him further.

"I have tried for months to get myself together after all of the issues I suffered from Cecelia. However, after talking with Dr. Confalone a number of times to help me cope with the dreams." he coughed with a deep breath and a sigh.

"Maybe you should speak with her again before going on the operation with your NCIS friends?" another hard question for Gibbs to be answering.

"I will think about it with you calling for Chinese food right now. But I need to speak with McGee on whether he will be able to go to Annacosta with me, and Torres to investigate the latest trucks coming in from overseas with all of those weapons and drugs to be sold on the black market." Gibbs barked with Cecelia heading upstairs slowly to call for dinner while Gibbs had calls to be made.

Senior Field Agent McGee had a file sitting in front of his computer at home with Delilah and the twins staying at her parent's for the week for vacation. Delilah was somewhat upset when he had called her that he was going to be going on an undercover operation.

He was thinking of a way to get into the warehouse in Annacosta as workers in order to figure out the truth on where all of those weapons and drugs are going.

He had left his cell phone sitting on the table next to him when it started to vibrate as it had alerted him. "Finally!" he said with needing to let Gibbs know that he's going with him for the operation. "Gibbs, what's the latest from Director Lowry?" he noted with a deep breath...

"He had gotten a call from his inside man from the warehouse during the past few weeks since he's the personnel director. He told me that three positions are opened for you, myself, and Torres to show up tomorrow around nine a.m. to be interviewed by him." he barked with his words over the phone.

"Just what are we going to be doing Gibbs if you don't mind me asking with the question?" McGee noted the question.

"From what I understand we will be moving the merchandise off the trucks and storing them in the warehouse. Right now I don't have any further information other than the names we will be using. I will send you the email file on what your name is going to be McGee."

"Is there anything else Gibbs besides the usual? And besides what does your supervisor at the Academy thinks about you going on the OFF THE BOOKS operation?" McGee inquired.

"He had nothing to say Tim since he understands the situation for when I came to be an instructor for the Academy and the deal that was set in stone between myself and Vance." Gibbs will say with anger and his demeanor.

"Okay, I will wait for your email, Gibbs. See you at the warehouse in the morning?" he noted with a gulp in his throat.

"Sure enough Tim," he said with hanging up to see his wife waiting for him with going onto his white laptop given to him from Phineas. He had gone to work with sending the email file to his former senior field agent and the undercover operation starting tomorrow.

Gentell warehouse, Anacostia

Currently, there was a large trailer with the merchandise that needed to be taken off. Since they were short of personnel having to be arriving in the morning.

The warehouse boss Samuels Jacks age 45 was exhausted as he was wearing for the local Cartel leader Hertia Hernandez age 54 was arriving back from his apartment complex in Anacostia. Himself, Samuels, and another will be working for the next few hours to remove the automatic weapons and Cocaine already sold to be given out to the black market vendors.

Coming out of his office for the personnel was Jerry McGuire the same undercover operative for NCIS working the past eight months.

"You're all set Samuels with the three new men to be starting at nine o'clock. I was able to speak with all three to be anxious to work with no questions asked," he said to the three of them opening up the doors of the back of the trailer to see the crates that need to be opened up.

"Let's get to work now before the next one arrives tomorrow morning?" he said with some anger in his demeanor having worked in Somalia, Paraguay.

Gibbs house

The both of them finished eating the Chinese food to fill their bellies especially with Cecelia and the unborn child.

Cecelia was able to see that her husband was worried about the undercover operation. He had been studying the file given to him by Director Lowry.

She was going to clean up the dishes when she needed to ask him..."What's wrong Jethro?"

With the shake of his head. "I really don't know since we are going in blind with the operation. Even though there is an operative working for some time now. I find it to be extremely dangerous not knowing who actually is involved with the running of the warehouse?" he cried out with drinking his Budweiser beer bottle now finished since he had enough and need to get some sleep.

"Then why take it in the first place if this was the case Jethro?" she had been asking too many questions.

"I really can't answer the question right now Cecelia. I am going to bed. Are you coming as well?" he asks with his emotions running on high right now.

"I am coming in a moment with throwing out the garbage and placing the dishes in the sink for now." she snapped back with her response.