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Only the devil prevails

Chapter 90

Leroy Jethro Gibbs uses the key card in order to walk into his suite with the rest of the day and evening to relax until the next morning.

Moving into his spacious suite and feeling the feel of the air conditioning made him feel better. Even though he was going to be needing a shower to wash the grim off his body.

He saw the bottles of Budweiser beer bottles and champagne sitting in the ice buckets along with a tray of sandwiches and other snacks on the coffee table.

The first thing he needed to be doing was head into the bedroom taking out his grey sweatpants, brown robe, and slippers to match. He moved into the shower turning on the faucets with the hot and cold water for his ten minutes as a Marine years ago.

Walking inside the shower stall with the water was just perfect for him. He was letting the spray hit the back of his neck, shoulders, and head mostly.

Though he was looking down at his genitals telling him something different. Now wasn't the time for this with everyone to be waiting for him downstairs soon as with McGee.

He really didn't know whether he was able to do this with hopefully he will be able to catch Anton Alexi before he gets a chance to shoot his weapon at NCIS.

After the ten-minute shower was done with drying off. He didn't bother to shave with casting his shadow all over his face and chin to look the part. Even his own wife hated it for whenever he kisses her all over her face and the rest of the body to leave burn marks.