A black car is seen moving close to Lük's trailer. Someone gets out of the car. It is a man in a black suit, looking all serious. He knocks on the door firmly. Lük opens it and the man introduces himself. "Hello, sir. Are you Lük Demonson?", said the man. "Who's askin'?", said Lük. "My name is Ashborn Montel. I'm from the HIRS.", said Ashborn. "What is that, the Humble Institute for the Really Stupid.", said Lük. "No. It stands for the Heaven Internal Revenue Service. I'm here to review your tax payments.", said Ashborn. "What payments?", asked Lük. "[sigh] The payments that are required by law to be made by every due date, Mr. Demonson.", said Ashborn. "Easy, fella. I know the law. I pay my taxes.", said Lük. "Oh, really. May I enter your property, please.", said Ashborn.

"So, it says in this report that you have been made a resident of heaven recently.", said Ashborn. "Yeah, I've been livin' here for a couple of months now.", said Lük. "And it says here you are employed.", said Ashborn. "Yeah, I work at some fish restaurant.", said Lük. "And may I ask you, can you remember the last time you ever paid your taxes?", asked Ashborn. "Hmm, I think it was back when I was in hell... about 3 years ago.", said Lük. "Hmm, 3 years, you say. So that's 3 years worth of tax payments you owe the HIRS. Let's see... payment due, plus late fees, plus expenses... that just leaves a total of... $450,000,000.", said Ashborn as he calculated the total cost of tax Lük owes the HIRS. Lük spits out his beer in shock. "$450,000,000!", shouted Lük. "You have 24 hours to pay the HIRS with that amount, or your property, along with other belongings will be repossessed.", said Ashborn. "This is god damn highway robbery.", said Lük. "Hey, that's what happens when you fail to pay tax for 3 years. My associates will be back tomorrow to receive full payment. Good day, sir.", said Ashborn as he left Lük's place. "Oh, god, $450,000,000. I'm gonna have to sell myself for sex!", said Lük.