Lük, Bea, Sal and Horoshi are at a casino in the outskirts of heaven. "Alright, red. Here we are.", said Lük before seeing Bea wearing a ski mask and loading a gun. "Woah, woah, woah. Red, what the hell are you doing?", said Lük. "What? You said we'd rob the casino.", said Bea. "Yeah. I didn't mean to make it freakin' obvious, shit for brains.", said Lük. "Calm down, Lük. Now then, here's a blueprint of the casino. The money vault is in the office of the casino owner, Rex Rumpleskip. So if you want to get $450,000,000, you need to have a well-thought, convoluted plan. Got it?", said Sal. "Ehhh, you lost me at convoluted.", said Bea. Lük hand palms and says, "He means we sneak into the vault without anyone seeing us." "Hmm, I've sorta got it.", said Bea. "Eh, close enough.", said Lük. "Now get in there and rob yourself some good green paper.", said Sal. "Be brave, my comrades, who knows what chaos you will end up in.", said Horoshi. "Relax, Rosh. No one's gonna catch us, I swear to God.", said Lük without realizing that a van is behind them. It is driven by Prichard and Winsel. Prichard says, "And I swear to God you will end up behind bars for life. [chuckles]"

Lük and Bea enter the casino in style, by wearing some fancy clothes. Lük wears a suit without a tie, while Bea wears a strapless dress with opera gloves. The people are amazed by their entrance. "OK, Sal. We're in the casino.", said Lük talking in an earpiece. "Good. Now, right beside a statue that says "Long Live Rumpleskip", you'll see Rumpleskip's office where he has the vault with all the mula you need.", said Sal talking into his own earpiece from the van. Lük acknowledges Sal by nodding. "Hey, red. Let's do this.", said Lük. Lük and Bea use sneaky moves to try and reach the office of the owner without getting caught. But then, Bea bumps into the owner, Rex Rumpleskip. "Well, howdy, missy. Welcome to my casino. The name's Rumpleskip, Rex Rumpleskip. And what brings ya here, beautiful.?", said Rex. Bea turns her head to Lük. Lük panics, goes to Rex and says "Eh, she's with me. We were just here to take a look at your casino and definitely not doing anything suspicious and/or illegal.", said Lük. "But aren't we steali-", said Bea before Lük grabbed her mouth and said, "What she means is, uhhh, you stole a lot of people from other casinos.", said Lük. "Technically, this is the only casino in heaven, but yes, I did 'steal' plenty of customers, if you get what I mean. [chuckles]", said Rex. Lük and Bea both chuckle with him. "Lük, what's going on there?", said Sal talking in an earpiece. "Did y'all hear somethin'?", said Rex. "Uhh... those were voices... in my... head, because I'm a schizophreniac", said Lük while smiling and sweating nervously. Rex look suspicious, but said, "Alright then. Eh, son, you might need your little noggin checked out.", said Rex when he walked away. "Phew. That was a close one. Come on, red.", said Lük while pulling Bea's lips.

Somebody else comes into the casino. It's none other than Prichard in his P. Richard Simmons persona and Winsel in a human disguise wearing a cap backwards and a football jersey. "You ready to foil someone's plans, Winsel?", said Prichard. "Damn right.", said Winsel. "And not a moment too soon, cos I see them near the office. Oh, security!", said Prichard. "Alright, Sal. We're at the statue. By the looks of it, it's such a crappy statue, wouldn't you agree. I mean, who would wanna worship this fat gambling mogul anyway.", said Lük. "Just stick to the plan, Lük.", said Sal. Lük and Bea pass the statue and reach the door of Rex's office. But by the time they get there, giant muscular security men. "Just where do you two think you're going?", said one security man. "A little birdie told us you were stealing the boss' money.", said security. "What? Us? We would never.", said Lük. "But, Lük, wasn't that part of the plan?", said Bea. Lük hand palms as the two are dragged out of the casino while Prichard and Winsel watch and give each other a high 5.