Lük and Bea are inside the van moping. "Well, that's it. I'm totally fucked. Come tomorrow, I'll lose every fucking thing I own.", said Lük. "And I'll lose my best friend. [cries hysterically], said Bea. "I can't believe you swore to God you wouldn't get caught, and you did get caught. How dishonorable that you don't keep your word.", said Horoshi. "Don't listen to him, Lük. So what if you'll lose your home. So what if you'll live off actual garbage food, and so what if you die alone and homeless.", said Sal. "Shut up, Sal. Well, looks like I'll have to sell myself for sex and [gasp] Holy shit I got an idea, and it involves you, red.", said Lük. "Why?", asked Bea. "Oh, you'll see.", said Lük

The security men hear the door knocking. They only see a giant package with the label, "To Rex Rumplskip" "Hmm... That package looks suspicious. Maybe we should open it ourselves.", said one security man. "Wish we could, but that would be a felony.", said the other. "True.", said the first security man. The security men enter the office of Rex Rumpleskip. "Boss, a package for ya.", said the secuirity man. "My god, that's a bigger load than my genitals.", said Rex as he opens the package. It's revealed to be Bea in a sexy lingerie outfit, looking all seductive. "Hey, big boy.", said Bea in a seductive voice. Rex sweats a lot and says, "Hot damn! A hot mama!" "Good, red. Keep distracting him by being more sexy.", said Lük talking into an earpiece outside the casino as he prepares to enter the casino by crawling into the vent. When he's inside the vent, he sees a patch a light, he goes to it and finds a bathroom. He goes back and sees another patch of light. This time it's a woman's locker room. He goes back again, and finds yet another patch of light. It leads to the lower part of the Rex Rumpleskip statue. "Oh, come on!", said Lük.

Bea continues to act seductive towards Rex. "I've been dying to see someone like you, pretty fat boy. Why don't you give me some lovin'?", said Bea. "My, you are a feisty, horny gal, aren't ya?", said Rex. "Damn right.", said Bea as she licks Rex's face. "Good lord. That's so horny.", said Rex.

Meanwhile. Lük tries one final patch of light. When he does, he breaks the vent open and falls. Luckily, some lumpy objects break his fall. He tries to find the lights. When he does, he sees a lot of money and gold. "Holy god damn shit.", said Lük as he realizes he's in the vault. "Red. Come in, red. I've hit the jackpot.", Lük said to Bea in an earpiece. When Bea hears what Lük said, she pushes Rex down on the ground and continues to lick his face like a poodle. "Oh, god, yes. Give it to me, woman.", said Rex.

Lük secretly opens the vault door, lifting money and gold in a sack. When he reaches the door and opens it, he sees the security men. "Oh, shit.", said Lük. "Boss, this demon is stealing from you.", said one of the security men. "And that lady is his accomplice.", said the other. "What?! Stealing?! Accomplice?!", shouted Rex. "Uh oh.", said Bea. "Oh, god. How the hell do we keep getting caught.", said Lük. "Because of me!", said Prichard when he appeared suddenly and ripped off his human disguise. "Prichard! Fuck! I should've known", said Lük. "That's right, Demonson. When I heard you owe the HIRS a lot of money, I took this opportunity to ensure you never pay them. And now you're caught in the act. And you'll lose everything [laughs]", said Prichard. "I was also in on it.", said Winsel when he suddenly appeared as well. "Enough! Security! Get that thieving demon outta here and this jezebel off of me.", said Rex. "No! I ain't leaving without my money!", said Lük when he took a security man's gun. "Now, let me walk out of here with the money, and no one gets shot, OK?!", said Lük while still pointing the gun. "Oh, of course, go ahead. I won't stop ya, cos you have a gun after all... And so do I!", said Rex when he whipped out a bigger gun. "Now drop that gun and my money!", said Rex. "Never", said Lük as he shot a chandelier and it crashed onto Rex. "RED! RUN!", said Lük as he and Bea escaped the office. "GET THEM!", said Rex. Lük punched Prichard and kicked Winsel out of his way to escape.

As soon Lük and Bea escaped Rex's office, the security men called for backup and they were all holding guns. Next thing you know, guns are shot all over the casino. Lük shoots at security, from the slots to the poker table. Lük and Bea are shielded by a table, but for how long. "It's over, demon! Now give me my god damn money!", said Rex. "Never.", said Lük. "Have it you your way, boy.", said Rex as he commanded a security man to bring the sack to him. Lük still holds onto the sack. When rex grabs it. he and Lük are engaged in a tug of war. Suddenly, Winsel uses a missile launcher to blow up the sack. "NOOOO!" said Lük and Rex. "My money! All gone! Noooo!" said Rex as he cries. "Ha! In yo face! Good luck livin' in the streets!", said Winsel. Lük is speechless. Bea says, "Well, buddy. It's been nice knowing ya." and cries hysterically.

Then, someone says, "What is going on here?" It is revealed to be Ashborn Montel. "Wait a sec. You're that HIRS guy. What are you doing in a casino?", said Lük. "Oh, uh, you see, I've been coming to this casino in secret for many years. I have shamefully been gambling away my life savings, my home insurance money, and my kids' college funds.", said Ashborn. "Why?", said Bea. "Come on now, even a federal employee like myself needs to calm my nerves somehow.", said Ashborn. "Sounds pretty ironic. I wonder if someone were to spread the word about your controversial spare time.", said Lük. "You wouldn't dare.", said Ashborn. "Maybe I won't or maybe I will. Unless...", said Lük. "[sigh] What do you want?", said Ashborn. "Well, if I keep my mouth shut about you gambling, then you will call off the $450,000,000 debt I owe the HIRS.", said Lük. "Done. I have my dignity to protect anyway.", said Ashborn when he and Lük shook hands. "Good news, red. I'm staying!", said Lük. "Yay! I can't believe it.", said Bea when she hugged Lük. "Come on, let's go get drunk, my treat.", said Lük. "OK.", said Bea. "Well, any man who loves to get drunk of his ass is fine by me. Count me in.", said Rex Rumpleskip.

"What? That's it? Demonson gets to stay? You have got to be shtting me!", said Prichard. "Hey, I found something to gamble away.", said a background character as he/she/they cuts/cut off Prichard's tail. "AAAAHHHHH! WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?! WHYYYYYY?! WINSEL! FOR CHRIST'S SAKE, DON'T JUST STAND THERE, TAKE ME TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL!", shouted Prichard. "Yes, boss!", said Winsel as he dragged Prichard out of the casino.

Meanwhile, Sal and Horoshi are still in the van smoking cigars. "Do you think Lüktipher and Beatris are dead?", asked Horoshi. "Probably the demon.", said Sal. "Oh, OK.", said Horoshi as the two remain seated smoking.