You might think that being a nerd is unfortunate. The word nerd conjures up stereotypes such as wearing thick glasses, hating sports, excelling in academia, terrible clothes, possible speech impediment. But being a nerd held some advantages for Francesca 'Frankie' Peters, which shall be listed below.

1. People automatically trust you.

"Frankie, what are you doing with that book?" Ms Placed asked. Frankie hugged the book tightly to her chest.

"It's for homework," she replied. "We have to write a report on a book of our choice."

"Oh. Sorry to bother you, Frankie. As you were," she replied, walking away. Frankie waited until the teacher was gone and then looked at the cover of the book she had in her hands.

The Pocket Guide To Mischief.

"This is going to be a very interesting read," Frankie muttered to herself, grinning.

2. When something bad happens, everyone looks for people that aren't you.

"Class, what is going on?" Ms Deed snapped. "I just got a report that kids are hacking the vending machine for the free snacks! That's it: I'm doing a snack check this instant!" She went from desk to desk searching bags and clearing students one by one. Frankie was about to be caught but that was when Reuben came in, stuffing his face with a chocolate bar.

"Hi, miss, sorry I'm late," he said, eating the last part in front of her. Her face went from shock to pure rage.

"That's it! You're coming with me!" she snapped.

"What did I do?"

"You know exactly what you did."

As the enraged teacher left, Frankie breathed a sigh of relief and popped the last part of her chocolate bar into her mouth.

3. When tests come around and everyone has forgotten everything they learned, you are in charge.

"Frankie, what does this mean?" someone asked, pushing a page of a book into her face. She was about to answer, but then she was dragged away and pushed towards another group of students.

"What's the formula for this equation?" another person asked.

"I'll tell you for a price," Frankie replied.

"Seriously?" a girl groaned.

"I have stuff to get," Frankie replied. "Cough up the money or take a hike." People began digging around in their pockets, and Frankie grinned. She was going to have a good few weeks with this payday.

4. You are known for being a good kid, which means it is easier for you to ask for things, such as extensions on homework.

Frankie looked at the date on her phone and cursed under her breath. She'd forgotten that she had homework due and if she didn't play her cards right, she would be looking at a detention and a failing grade for that assignment. She was going to have to do something that deeply humiliated her.

When she went into the classroom, the teacher had gotten everyone lined up to hand over their homework. Frankie got her secret weapon ready and presented it to the teacher.

"Where's your homework?" the teacher asked.

"I just didn't have the time to finish it with all the other assignments I have to do. So I got you an apple to apologize," Frankie replied. The teacher's face broke out into a smile.

"Thank you, you sweet young lady! I suppose giving you another day to do it won't hurt," she replied.

"Thank you," Frankie smiled, going back to her seat. She was out one apple, but it was worth it if it meant no detention.