At Are You Coddin' Me, Lük is throwing away rotten fish into a dumpster. "Sheesh, look at all these shit-scented salmons. No wonder nobody wants to eat here.", said Lük. After he threw the fish away, he goes back in. Shortly after, the dumpster starts shaking and somebody inside opens it. It is revealed to be a harsh-looking hobo with a ginger beard and wild hair wearing a green hat. "Oh, boy. Free food.", he said when he ate the expired fish, but he didn't care if they smelt rotten. The hobo hears the door open and hides. He secretly sees Lük and Bea leaving Are You Coddin' Me. "Ah, another day of elbow-greasing work finished. Well, see ya tomorrow, Lük.", said Bea. "Whatever.", said Lük as he smoked a cigar. "[gasp] He must be the one who gives me free food every night.", said the hobo. He sees Lük get in his car and he sneaks in the back and hides there without Lük noticing.

As Lük went back to his home, he went inside, with the hobo secretly following him. Lük went straight to bed. As soon as he turned, the hobo appears in the bed and says, "Hello, stranger!" Lük jumps out of bed after being startled by the sudden appearance of the hobo. "What the?! How'd you get in my trailer?", said Lük. "Good question. The name's Jebediah Yebadiah Obadiah Zanzibar, but you can call me Stroodle.", said the hobo known as Stroodle. "OK. That's irrelevant to my question, but why the hell are you even here?", said Lük. "I should thank you, for saving me life.", said Stroodle. "From what?", asked Lük. "From the evil forces of hunger.", said Stroodle as he was about to tell his backstory. "You see, back in the living world, I was but a simple useless piece of good ol' crap, born in a slump full of parasites cast aside from society like yours truly. There was no decent food for me and my family. We had to live of polluted radioactive water, rat piss-contaminated fruit, and dog crap. When I died from catching diseases after eating polluted crap, I wasn't able to get a job right here in heaven. Nobody would take me in due to the fact I eat from the garbage. Then one day, I found the most decent, most spectacular type of food to ever lie on a dumpster. I couldn't believe my mouth. It was like I died again and go to a heaven within a heaven. And I owe it all to you, Mr. demon, sir.", "Why do you owe it to me?", asked Lük. "Because, you gave me a new taste, boy. Now I shall return the favor... by giving you a new roommate.", said Stroodle. "What?", said Lük. "That's right, I'm moving in with you!", said Stroodle as Lük pulled a shocked expression.