Stroodle is sleeping on Lük's couch when Lük wakes him up with a gunshot. Stroodle screams in terror. "Listen up, you washed up bag of filth, there's gonna be a shitload of changes in my home. From now on, you will do as I say, even if it is degrading, torture and will kill you, well, it wouldn't kill you due to heaven's "no death" rule, but you get the idea, if you can. Now get cleaning!", said Lük as he order Stroodle to clean the kitchen. Lük kept ordering Stroodle around by making him do lots of chores including scrubbing the dishes, vacuuming the TV area, scraping off the dirt on the trailer, fixing the shower, taking out blockage in the toilet, even clipping Lük's toenails.

Stroodle was so exhausted from all the chores all day, that his clothes were literally soaking wet from all the sweat. He was sweating more than 10 fat people combined at a weight loss camp. He went back into the couch to sleep. But Lük used another gunshot to wake him up again. "Whaddya think ya doin', hobo. You still got a lot of work to do.", said Lük. "More work?! God, why?!", said Stroodle. Lük made Stroodle pay his taxes, clean his car by using his own spit, fixing the antenna signal while being struck by lightning, and covering for him at Are You Coddin' Me while Lük was sick.

Stroodle was even more exhausted that he went in the trailer by only crawling with his bare hands. He was in so much pain, both literally and psychologically. "Oh, look who decided to show up.", said Lük. "Lük... can... I... please... take... a... break... I... don't... think... I... can... go... on... much... longer.", said Stroodle in a nervously exhausting tone. "Oh, you can rest... right after this list of extra chores.", said Lük as he showed Stroodle a very long list of tasks. Stroodle soon broke from all the torturing work and started crashing through the wall and running away like crazy. "[laugh] Mission accomplished.", said Lük as he took out a beer and watched TV in joy.

The next day, after finishing his job for the day, Lük went to the back to get to his car, then he heard a sound from the dumpster. He opened it and found Stroodle inside. "Oh, hey, Lük.", said Stroodle. "Uh, hey, Stroodle. So you're back in living in trash, huh?", said Lük. "Absolutely, house life is just too much for me. So I'm going back to basics. Back to eating garbage for me.", said Stroodle as he eat a rotten fish. "Yeah, you enjoy your life, just the way it should be.", said Lük. "Well, I'm heading off. I'm going on a little trip downtown. See ya!", said Stroodle as he picked up an oar to move the dumpster to the road and inadvertently crashes into other vehicles. An explosion happens offscreen. "Yep, the way it should be.", said Lük in a happy mood.